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“Cracking point away from home with a clean sheet. We’ve come miles to go toe to toe and Sheff Utd and to come away a tad disappointed with 1 point is a testament. I say that only based on thinking this is winnable for us looking at the table prior to the game.”

“Decent point…dullish game.
Shef Utd are going nowhere this year with that awful style of play.”

“So bloody frustrating we dominate the game especially first half but just not positive enough in front of goal, still a point away from home not to be scoffed at.”

“Seems a lot of the Sheff Utd fans are curious as to why they didn’t turn up until the 70th minute? Truth of the matter is we didn’t let you turn up, our subs at 65 minutes opened up the midfield for you and that turned the game, a draw is about right”

“Let’s not forget that Sheff Utd we’re in the Prem last season.
Does anybody teally think a point there is a bad result”

“More than happy with a point. We never looked like scoring and Sheff Utd could easily have won it in the second half. “

“Better team and in control until 70 minutes in, because we went for it.”

“We did not lose, away to a team that 2 years ago were premiership? still got those players? we are doing ok. “

“If Sheff United could finish we would of lost easily. Fortunate to take the point!”

“Lots of good individuals but don’t seem to be able to gel as a unit. There seems to be a lack of team spirit.”

“Robins obviously thought he could get away with two strikers and Hamer off was probably sensible. Just shows though the quality Sheff Utd have if they are given space”

“Definitely take a point today away from Bramall lane. I fully expect Sheff Utd to improve and jump up the table in the second half of the season. They have a great squad full of internationals and worth a lot of money”

“Their subs worked better than ours. Think part of the reason for our subs was partly to keep the team fresh for Tues and to go for a win in this one. Lucky the gamble didn’t backfire. All things considered, a very good point.”

“all in all great tactical display that could easily have paid off with 3 points but instead we lost the midfield we had control of. It was worth a risk. It was very positive from Robin’s and you can’t complain about that. A good point from a difficult place to go.”

“It’s small margins but it was a penalty on o hare he drew the foul but there was contact in the box and convert that we’d have won”

” Thought he smelt blood by bringing on Walker and Godden, and other than Godden’s shot, we offered not a lot. McGoldrick has two golden chances to win it.”

“Mcgoldrick wow we would be fuming if he was ours”

“As much as our subs changed the game for us along with our midfield really tiring, thought McGoldrick changed it for them and was real class despite missing the chances. Thought Fleck looked average. The Sheffield fans say we hate Fleck. Is that true? I was sad to see him leave at the time and feel indifferent about him now. Hate is a bit strong. Moved for more money and it is what it is, one of them (Copyright Roland Nillson-football cliches are us).”

“If Sheffield Utd offered to trade Fleck for Hamer or Sheaf, I don’t think we’d want to. Just goes to show where we’re at now.”

“John Fleck looked like he did when he was here very average”.

“Credit to Fleck, he’s got more consistent since he left us. He used to disappear in the 2nd half for us but he was invisible all game there.”

“Why was the atmosphere so bad again at BL?
5th game there in a row where I don’t think I’ve heard more than 2/3 songs from the Sheffield United fans.
Truly awful.
Cov fans weren’t particularly great today though. Flat at times in the away end.”

“Very poor atmosphere in our end today. Disjointed.”

“It’s a dreadful away end that bottom tier. Always difficult to make noise when it’s about 10 rows deep spread out across a whole end. Agreed that it doesn’t help that the United fans offered nothing.”

“I quite like the ground as a whole but the away end is shoddy.
One exit for the whole stand at the end of the game, loads of fans forced into the walkways and they were holding back beer until half time for some reason, which was going to cause chaos”

“Total respect to Sheff Utd fans for the standing ovation 2nd half Simon Moore and at the end”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Coventry”
  1. Fair comments from the Coventry supporters, difficult to disagree with any. I thought it was an awful game, and also know there’s a lack of atmosphere at the Lane these days. Their reflections summed it up. Must improve, especially in front of goal. UTB

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