“A fantastic transfer for Brøndby and Anis. He has a huge potential. Good luck Anis “

”Thank you for everything…. Especially the gold goal. I’m very happy for you – think you’ll get the chance for premier league games.”

“Congratulations to him”

“I believe in success for him at Sheffield United”

“Thanks for everything Slimane!”

“I really like this deal! He still needs to gain in regularity, but the technical qualities and his creativity are very nice. Not to mention his physical qualities.”

“A very cheap sale”

“a bargain price”

“Hope at least it includes a solid resale clause.”

“I’ve been a big fan of him over the yrs & could see him being a hit in England with his alluring mix of physicality & technique. What has been missing is consistency, if he finds that I’m convinced there’s an even bigger move ahead. “

“You must have been on a different planet these last two years”

“He is not very consistent But he is also very slow, has disciplinary problems and fades in and out of games. “

“Good dribbler, high quality when he peaks, but sadly he just fades out too much in the games making him average at times.He needs game time, and consistency is key for him, but when he fades out he’s bang average and poor at times due to he’s pace. Don’t know why he’s prices so low, he played at the World Cup and still has potential “

“a highly creative CM who can play many different positions as well. Yet his creativity comes at the expense of his finishing probability and less so for his passing game probability and defending probability”

“The man is too slow for SL, as he typically heats the ball for 1-2 seconds more than the other players. He is now going to a much faster league, so hopefully Sheffield have a plan for him”

“simply fantastic sold by CV. 1 year back and totally stalled in Brøndby.”

“Haven’t Sheffield United seen football in 2023 . Sale of the decade”

“Wildest overcharge ever. But nice sale for us”

“doesn’t make runs back at all”

“Is there an adult who can tell slimane that he shouldn’t dribble between 3 opponents it’s not fifa 02”

“Shots off target, poor positioning, poor touches, poor passes. Completely invisible. Consistently play like hell.

“Slimane is an incompetent piece of crap who needs to be sent on asap”

“At least he can put his teammates in their place”

“Needs to earn consistency of being the 1st name on the team sheet weekly. “

“Now in two different games FM I have sold him for 1.5 million euros.
It’s a game of course, but even with plenty of playing time and decent performances, I can’t get more for him.
I think 1.5 million will be fine, maybe with some clauses for the future. “

“The last time I played FM I was the manager of two teams and got 40 million euros for him when I sold him to my other club.
Some will call it cheating, but it’s just normal in today’s football world.
So it is quite easy to get a lot of money for him”

By Roy

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