“He has potential but difficult to count on him for 90 minutes… We haven’t seen him progress on this point.”

“In his defense, it’s only his 1st year of L1 and only his 2nd professional year. He is still learning.
For the little experience he has, I find him very good. After yes, he makes dumplings, like many of his age (I know some, older, who also regularly make dumplings by the way…. )”

“He was often cut here while we forget that he is still very young.
We forgive T.Baldé and Odobert much more than Larouci.
And yet, he is not stingy with his efforts.
If all the players were like him, Mr. Baldé or Rippart, we would certainly not be here.
I wish him the best ….. “

“ he is a good hope and he is deserving, he deserves better. Let’s not forget that it was with us that he signed his first professional contract. For his second pro season it’s still quite remarkable even if it’s not perfect. Kudos to him. “

“He was voted player of the month for February after having been in January. Suddenly our Australian fraud coach no longer makes him play at all”

“Very happy for him. He is progressing,”

“I like Larouci”

“he has talent, this guy”

“He is a fine crosser”

“He is determined, makes some great breakthroughs. But I still don’t understand how a guy who defends so badly and crosses so badly can play for the France team. “

“Certainly because we lack level on this position in France! And we like a side that attacks!”

“ he still had to be supervised for a while, I don’t think we get the France team like that just for a good performance. In any case, it shows the great potential of this player and that he is a real pro. “

“It also shows that there is a real deficiency in the full-back position “

“Larouci hasn’t been exceptional since the start of the season, I think.”

“in my opinion his future will be with the Algerian selection, at best! “

“I don’t understand what he was doing at Liverpool, even in reserve.
If he sharpens up he could play in league 2, he has a decent technical level. Physically, however, it’s not okay.”

“A loan would certainly do him good to acquire playing time so that he can return to us in form. But above all, he should calm down on the makrouts”

“He arrived injured, he got a little overwhelmed”

“What a disappointment this player I expected a lot and finally he is injured h24. There he comes back, we have the impression that he is overweight.”

“he has 5 kg to lose to become a top athlete. Then we will see his football level “

“He didn’t start playing until Jan so needs to get fit”

“The level may be too high for him. “

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