“he has had a good season. Good luck Vin”

“Footballer with enormous potential and an excellent person. A pity to have closed the chapter in this way”

“this guy has had great games this year. “

“Vini Souza was the key. HE ONLY.”

“Wonderful, very physical but it is a strainer “

“He is a player who gives you many things, but also takes away. “

“Was the best in the first 25 games, but then the level has dropped, we really like to criticize without knowing but it still has some circumstance that we do not know “

“I think he is an overrated player for how he started. “

“dropped the level too much and stopped contributing.

“I don’t know what happened to him. He was playing at a good level, and then disappeared”

“What a shame. Overrated”

“ a chicken without a head, yielded, and grown above the companions. Overvalued.”

“He is positionally inauspicious. He misses the mark, leaves spaces….he alone can never play as the only defensive midfielder “

“has many games in which he makes important mistakes.”

“Responsible for many of the shits that have cost us points”

“When Keidi has played, he has done much better than Vini Sousa. The imbalances it caused were incredible. “

“I wouldn’t want to see him next season. “

“Glad we wont see him again”

“He was a hindrance”

“Vini Souza is the biggest lie of of the last times. It is a Bluff and it has cost us many points. “

“The fact that he comes from City’s radar and at 23 has not been in the major leagues says it all. He has done us a lot of damage”

“Vini Souza is the worst player I’ve seen at Espanyol by far.”

“what a shameful player”

“Every game he played worse and worse”

“He was bad from day 1”

By Roy

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