“I fancy a comfortable win to be honest, whether their early enthusiasm backed by a noisy crowd, then pick them off “

“As much as I genuinely think we will struggle this season I have a really good feeling about Saturday.. I can see us giving Sheff Utd a ‘welcome back to the Prem’ footballing lesson.”

“I’ll be very disappointed and genuinely surprised if we leave with less than 3 points, and I’m an eternal bed wetter.”

“Im confident that we have enough to beat Sheffield United.. eze will do it single handedly “

“In their shoes, Palace would be the last team I’d want opening game. If we play like we did against Lyon, We’ll be too good for them. Ayew will play a blinder and score. Comfortable win. “

“After losing a few of their better players from last years promotion winning side we are basically playing a mid even lower table Championship team .
The fans will be fired up and the team may be early doors . If we had been playing them after half a dozen games or so when others had knocked the stuffing out of them this would be an easy 3 points we really could not be playing them at a worse time. Im still confident Roy will have prepared us for this one though and I expect us to be top of the league come Saturday night”
“Think we can register our first win of the new season,but going for a close fought contest.”

“I predict a win, but not a comfortable one as some have suggested. More like a 1-0 because the Blades will be fighting hard to make a good impression on their own ground in front of their own supporters on their return to the PL.”

“Without meaning to be disrespectful to the likes of Sheffield United, these are the games we must win this season and yet we’re already going into that game seriously underprepared.”

“Who knows? … if we can bank three points we only need another 37 to stay up! I think it’s more likely to be a “bore draw” though”

“They are nailed on to return to the Championship , they may even break the record for the least points .For all our faults there is not one player at Sheffield utd that would get into our side”

“They’ve got problems apparently, they’ve sold their two best players “

“They have sold their 4 best players and not replaced them. Also plenty of injuries. Their owners want the club sold. We may not get an easier 3 points all year. “

“This really should be a comfortable win.
Feel for their fans, looks like their board is cashing in and accepting relegation from the off.“

“spare a thought for the Sheffield United manager as they are imploding.”

“It’s mad that they’ve been promoted and so far have actually made a profit in the transfer market! I’m sure they’ll spend some money before 1 September but it’s too late for Saturday”

“Poor Sheff fans. All the best players from last season are gone! We will need to be aware we might come up against a team with a lot to prove. Huddersfield whooped us first game of the season not long back…”

“And we lost our opening away game to Sheff U the last time they came up.
It will be a tough game and especially the opening 20 minutes or so, but if we can weather the initial crowd induced and adrenalin-fuelled opening we should have enough to take all 3 points. Eze enjoys scoring against them”

“A point would be a terrific result, and boost our chances of avoiding relegation, because we can hopefully win the reverse fixture. “

“I can actually guarantee you Sheff Utd will score the scrappiest goals against us and park the bus for 90 minutes, we’ll look flat and lost for ideas up top and the game will end 1-0. It’s written in the stars.”

“Add sheff u line up with ours
There 2 grim prem line ups
Can see why sky wasn’t to bothered about showing it live”

By Roy

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