“So looking for: a talismanic player who can drive us forwards, pull the strings of the team, pick passes anywhere on the pitch, agressive, hard working, skilful, captain potential, excellent ball recovery stats, under 25, who loves being here, can shoot from range, will get double figures goals and assists, and can take set pieces.
Simple. “

“I remember watching Gus through Covid during the behind closed doors games and thinking that I’ll never get to see this guy in the flesh because we might go down or surely someone bigger will snap him up come the end of the season.
Feel blessed I’ve got to see him live so many times in Sky Blue – what a player.”

“First time I saw him in that Rangers friendly you could tell he was a really good player. At times been on a different wavelength to the rest of the squad. Last year towards the end the levels he hit were unreal. Amazed we’ve been able to hold on to him three years.”

“I said from the start that he was going to be a quality player. He proved to be that and more. Despite some questionable disciplinary issues at points, he’s been nothing short of fantastic for us. It’s not often you get a player with such class that can grab a team by the scruff of the neck and make them tick – genuinely feel that’s what Gus did with us last season after his early season red cards. “

“safe to say I have enjoyed every second of him playing for us from the minute he arrived.
Raved about him from min one. Will always be my favorite player.
Everyone moves on. £15m. Is a decent fee. Think hes worth double that. “

“Great player and huge loss.
Bournemouth just paid 25M for Scott so Sheff Utd have an absolute bargain”

“There will be a lot of young kids crying today (and probably some not so young….) but it’s been a joy to watch him and I believe genuinely give his all. Fair play he deserves this “

“Gave me some of the best moments of my footballing life. Deserves his shot at the big time.
Watching him at Wimbledon the other night it was clear he’s just gone to another level.
A sublime footballer

Goodbye for now my Brazilian prince. “

“Speechless. Absolutely speechless. The best player I have ever had the pleasure of watching in a Cov shirt is leaving. Hurts so much more than Vik, time to tear up the Premier League and show the world what he can do. Thank You For Everything! “

“Ultimately he’d outgrown us – he’s a premier league player and then some.”

“He has been the best performing midfielder I’ve seen us have since Boateng. He has everything that you want in a midfield player and I’m just glad I’ve had the privilege of seeing him week in and week out for the last few years. “

“arguably the most enjoyable player to watch in a City shirt for me since Robbie Keane. “

“Best central midfielder at the club in over 20 years .. super player .. deserves his shot .”

“I’ve never seen a City player control the midfield like he did. “

“In all 35 years supporting Coventry_City have never seen one player scruff-of-the-neck us from mid-table to very brink of glory. Will miss the smile, the skill, the attitude, the yellow cards, everything. But let’s be nothing but thankful for the brilliant Gustavo Hamer “

“The greatest player I’ve ever seen in Sky Blue. “

“Irreplaceable as just one player.
Two of the four goals we have conceded when he has gone off have been from around the area on the edge of the box where he buzzes around and picks off attacks and picks up loose balls. He wasn’t there to prevent those, and those on the pitch couldn’t do his job…..
We all know how good his range of passing is from that area too, and how he can drive attacks.”

“Unbelievable player and deserves his move. As Robins has said, he dragged us to the play offs. Did think he was good enough for a Brighton or a Brentford but I should think he will be Sheff United’s best player by a mile. “

“The most annoying thing is that Gus Hamer is too good for Sheffield United. Convinced he could play for any of the top ten in the Premier League. Great coup for them. “

“Hes twice the player Sander Berge is Sheffield united will be drooling about Gus.
I’m happy to see him play in the Premier week in week out. Deserves it.”

“They have got a bargain. Will single handedly keep those shit bastards up. “

“He can do better than Sheffield, them and Luton are definitely coming back down.”
“Don’t understand why we would sell to a team who are more than likely going to get relegated “

“Can’t believe he’s moving to Sheffield united “

“In a team that will do well to hit 20 points he will to coin a phrase be there to put himself in the shop window to try and stay in the division. “

“For a club who will be back in the champ next year, it seems incredibly short sighted on the players/agents behalf. For us as a club, it’s a real boost in funds to an already positive transfer window although think it makes this season void now for us.”

“Odd as I’m sure Sheff U will go down this season and he will end up at square one again in the championship. Can’t knock that he wants to play in the PL but to pick sheff utd “

“I’m pissed off it’s Sheff U. Guaranteed to be playing in the Championship next year. “

“Sheff Utd will almost certainly go down this season, and if we go up, we’ll buy him back next Summer. Job done. “

“I wish Hamer well, he was nothing short of mesmerising for us and I hope he puts himself in the shop window when Sheff inevitably come back down. Or we buy him back off them when we pass them on the way up”

“Awful move for him bar his bank account. Sheff U will get smashed week in week out. He’s going into a team that are going to be cannon fodder week in week out. They’re a weaker team than the side that got promoted. He’ll play Prem for a season and then be back alongside us in the Championship.The only good part of the move for him is more money. “

“Also Sheff Utd have sold there best players and have huge debts and an owner thats lost interest or is a bit of a crook. There is also stuff floating around about FFP. There my favourites to be the first team relegated this season. “

“I’ve always been a Hamer rater but part way into last season he was not worth 15 million. We’ve sold him at his peak and with 1 year left, 15 million is outrageous business. From his point of view i’m guessing he’ll want to show enough in that dismal team that at least he himself gets to stay in the Prem next season. “

By Roy

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