“7 goals and 8 assists in ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE effing appearances for a centre midfielder.”

“He was crap and played about 2-3 good games. “

“One of the worst players in the clubs history”

“Just wanted to say he is a dreadful player one last time, awful to watch.”

“A so so player but unfortunately too error prone to be a reliable backup”

“Davies coming on for the last 10 mins and giving silly fouls away, running around like a headless chicken and offering nothing, is no great loss “

“Feel a bit ‘meh’ about Tom’s departure.

  • He had some promise
  • Local lad
    His progress was no doubt impacted by the managerial and commercial circus of BK & Mosh. But ultimately, it’s a space in the squad for a player to potentially contribute more. “

“He’s not a good player, at all, which is a shame given the way he came into the team under Koeman alongside Gueye and Schneiderlin (which is actually probably the last time we looked a half decent team on a consistent basis).
Wish him well but I’m very glad he’s moving on. “

“Tried his best but it just didn’t happen for him – good luck to him in his future.”

“Amazing how he went from looking like a top prospect to a championship at best player.
All the manager changes mustn’t have helped his development. “

“In hindsight the only reason Tom was good in his first year is he was fearless. Give an average athlete a great mentality and they can be a pretty good player. Once he had the fear of Goodison in him, it was over. He lost the one thing that made him stand out. “

“He just didn’t have the talent to backup his confidence as a youngster. A few boos and he lost what made him effective. I don’t hold it against him. Glad he is taking a chance elsewhere. “

“Booed ON to the pitch as a sub as well ffs. “

“Don’t really understand the personal abuse he gets. He wasn’t good enough for us in the end, never kicked up a fuss, left when his contract ran out. He’s a great lad, done loads for your community and I wish him well. “

“Been overshadowed but the fact he wants to keep doing some work with EITC after he leaves says a lot about the lad, clearly was more to him than just an obligation. Could teach a thing or two to those in charge of the club about looking after more than just yourself.”

“It’s so weird how worked up about Davies some people are. He was here for years, was on relatively low wages, never kicked up a fuss about being on the bench, did loads of stuff for EitC (and is planning on continuing to do so even after he leaves) and then decided not to take a new contract which is exactly what his detractors said he should do and yet still gets a ton of hate. It’s weird, I can only assume it’s the clothes and hair. Best of luck, Tom.”

“Good soldier, never caused trouble other than some odd sartorial choices, and who among us isn’t guilty of that at some point in our lives?”

“All the best to the lad, and I’m sorry he didn’t hit the hits of that city performance consistently. Really hope he goes on to do well .
The state of the club during his time with us, and the numerous managers has not helped him or his development, but he was always a good professional and more importantly, a good person. “

“”Ten managers can’t be wrong lad” despite the fact we complained about all of these managers needing to be sacked. “

“Everton ruined him. Should have left 3/4 years ago.”

“Especially since 1992, it’s really rare to see a local player make it to the top and contribute to the first XI but nobody has been convinced and he’s also been unlucky to have his development years overseen by a number of mediocre coaches, chaos, no direction and no tactics. “

“bad business letting him go, especially on free. Something we’ve all come accustomed too. “

“Another potential talent we’ve wasted.”

“There looked like a player for a short time ,then it was coached out of him. “

“His issue is that he plays in midfield and for someone who plays there (regardless of whether its attacking or defensive minded) he has an extremely limited skillset for a player in that area of the pitch. League One might seem harsh but I would say he is lower half of the Championship, I think he is very lucky to have ever played in the top flight tbh. “

“He’s not brilliant but he’s not League One. “

“Davies certainly less talented than Bannan”

“Leaves the club, still living rent free in many heads.
Excellent work Thomas “

“If there is one thing I HATE about our fan base it’s how they treat young players. Good luck Tom. I will always remember fondly the fume you inspired”

By Roy

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