“Well if i was to judge what i saw on the first day of the season then, they are further ahead than us at being ready and look more comfortable with the ball and moving it about under pressure.
I am concerned that if were are going to play the same formation and with that midfield three we are going to struggle against them and it will be like the semi-final at home in the play off’s. They are all to similar kind of player all energy and work rate. In an ideal world you remove two of them with MGW (so Johnson and /or Elanga go wide with target man) and a CDM.
Tough match very tough and i think it’s going to be very close to the point head says we lose but heart is saying we win. I watch the full game live and totally different to the highlight on match of the day. Gave a good account of themselves could control the ball under pressure, more passing plays were evident, played high up the pitch and like true Sheff Utd teams were very full bully boy mode.
So based on the first game only they look more prepared and ready for this. “

“Sheffield Utd got thrashed at home by Palace, not sure what you saw?!
We do also have a very different team from the playoff game! “

“One shot on target, 0.39 xG at home against an average team. I thought they’d be slightly better than that. They were lucky not to concede more, Palace missed some great chances. “

“they were terrible, Palace were playing at walking pace and still could have won 4-0. Ben Osborn & Jack Robinson started for them – enough said.
Put it this way, it will be a massive disappointment if we don’t win this as we won’t get a better chance for 3 points in a long time.”

“I think Sheff will have more possession tbh, if they do, I think we’ll win.”

“Sheffield United are one of the weakest teams of any Premier League on paper, the lineup even by their owns fans omission would struggle to finish above mid table in the Championship.”

“One things for certain, Sheffield United will try and turn this into a Championship slog. Expect all sorts of black arts from them.”

“I fully expect Sheff Utd to be down at the bottom come May but this will not be an easy game at all. They will see this as a game they can take points from and will be well up for it.
I expect them to try every trick in the book to stop the flow of the game and to basically bring us down to their level and turn it into a Championship slugfest.”

“I knew they were in trouble but after watching themi didnt know they were Championship relegation bad. This is one where we really ought to let the boys off the leash and put them to the sword.”

“On paper that sheffield united side looked really weak on Saturday. 4 players that we have had recently starting.
Although they will have Souza and Hamer in midfield on Friday night. Which main gain them more control. That back line looks pretty slow though so our counter attacking pace could cause some real issues in this one. I’d do my up most to get elanga and Johnson into the starting 11. “

“They have two 20 year old newbies up top, both from lower leagues.
I think they’ll struggle to score much. “

“Forest may well be coming up against 4 former players who all featured against Palace.
Jack Robinson, Ben Osborn, Max Lowe and Anel Ahmedhozic (who I’d be happy to see back at Forest one day).”

“All 4 of which we said weren’t good enough for the Championship.
Truth was they all were but no way are any PL level.
Really need 3 points here. “

“I hate these with a passion, absolutely humiliating them would be very nice.
It looks like Oli McBastard is injured so we can’t wind him up.”

“I just want to beat that **** of a manager, Heckingbottom. stupid last name.
Don’t think I have had such a hatred for a manager in any sport.”

“It’s a must win. Nothing against blunts fans but I want to see their managers bottom lip wobble. He’s a modern day paul ince… and to those that don’t know.. he was a mardy ****”

“The whole club sinks. Their managers a rat and their fans are cockroaches. As the saying goes , the devil looks after his own.”

“Feck the Blunts. Feck their players. Feck their owners. Feck their manager. Feck their trainers. Feck their groundsman. Feck their cleaning staff. Feck the old woman who makes the tea. Feck the bus driver and most of all feck their horrible fans .”

“It’s effectively a derby and Sheff will make it as scrappy and disjoined as possible.”

“This one has potential banana skin if we go into it with the wrong attitude.”

“Sheffield United will be no pushovers and will view this as a game they can win. We need to make sure it’s not both in quality on the pitch and the unwavering support in the stands.”

“Would be nice to absolutely thrash them and boost our goal difference, but I’ve supported Forest long enough to ever expect things to be easy.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Forest”
  1. Way back in history that the ‘Scabs’ tag applied but I must say Forest fans lack charm and relevant rationale.

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