“In many ways beating Sheff United like that when they had hope till the 89th minute is much more satisfying…..
Its the hope that Kills ya”

“At the end of the day, all that matters is who gets the 3 points! (Especially when they’re against the Blunts!! Hahaha)”

“Forest should have coasted to the three points after the early goal against a Sheffield United side that are as bad as it gets at this level.
4231 on the 70 minute mark changed the game. Felt like we should have gone with that from the start. Ultimately got away with it and the three points is what matters but if Forest don’t want to join Sheff Utd in the second tier next season they need to be braver, more ruthless.”

“If you can’t beat us playing that bad , I’ve seen enough – the Blunts are Down! – Shite”

“Forest are lucky that Blunts are really poor. Their players were cramping up. “

“All about the win rather than the performance that given the surrounding fixtures, it always turns out that way in any type of game against Sheffield United!
I feared an exact repeat scoreline of the playoff semi final at the CG as the game was panning out identically but fortunately we have game changing options on the bench and they helped us turn the tide.”

“Luckily for us you don’t get deducted points for being s***e.”

“We are shite when we take the lead. Can’t control a game for shit, even against the blunts. “

“We were shit, they were shit.
they probably saw us as one of their best chances for 3 points and upped their work rates by 10%.”

“Don’t need to worry about teams like Sheff Utd and Luton my arse! That said there were some shocking performances from some of our players there.”

“Blunts with a team full of Forest cast offs and championship players will be the worst team we play this year and they made us look awful.”

“I don’t think either team really deserved to win that but blimey, I hope that’s just an off game for some. Conditions were tricky but wow. “

“I was hoping we’d pump these twats four or five, but somehow playing absolutely wank for 90% of the game and still beating them is funnier.
They will get absolutely torn to shreds against most teams in this league. “

“Probably as Championship standard a match as you’ll see in the prem. Nice that we can play that poorly and come away with 3 points. “

“Honestly even they looked better in the middle hour of the game, they really didn’t THREATEN our goal perse.”

“If Turner didn’t make that save we get nothing from this game. That type of thing CANNOT happen at this level. “

“I’m sorry, but anyone claiming Cooper got it wrong in midfield tonight needs to rewatch the first half. Blunts were pumped for the 2nd half, but we should have been well ahead by then.”

“Guys and gals, we had a number of players not playing up to their level (Turner was not one of them), a ref that apparently has read up on the rules from the wrong sport, and yet we STILL get a win with a great Cooper sub.”

” I have no idea why the blunts and their odious manager garner so much media love. He is vile.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Forest”
  1. Well to see a Sheffield united side that had been dismantled and been put back together in a couple of weeks, they gave us a run for the money. Nearly £200 million weve spent and we struggled to put them to bed. Dark horses..

  2. Come on boys we are the newly promoted and Side here ! A make shift 11 with new recruits arriving every day.
    That was a good performance from our team who have not really been together that long, we shared 50% possession stats throughout the game and at times made you look poor considering how much you guys have spent ! you should’ve put us to the sword good a proper, it just goes to show that spending millions isn’t always the way !
    I’m confident we will do ok this season, if we finish fourth bottom all blades would take that at this stage, then build from there. Many teams will struggle at the Lane when Hecky gets this new team firing on all cylinders ⚽️⚽️

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