“The 8 day rest feels bizarre but given our injury problems I think we need it. Might give us a chance to bring in a new face as well.
Seems a pretty straight forward task in front of us, Sheffield United don’t look equipped to stay in the Premier League, certainly not the same Sheffield United that were tough to break down last time they were in the league. They’ve lost their first 2 games to Palace and Forest. Certainly not meant as any slight on them but they’ve lost Ndaiye, Berge, Doyle and Mcatee since last season, they need additions and fast.
Got to be a game we’re looking to win.”

“Hopefully we’ll have a fuller squad by this game so we can rotate a little.”

“Phillips to start this one and give Rodri a rest.
If we can’t trust him early in the season against Sheffield united then we may as well just sell him now.”

“I agree with starting Phillips to give Rodney a rest. A proper test of an ex Leeds player to see if he can handle the Dee Dars abuse as well as play the game”

“Pep isn’t gonna go with anything other than pretty much full strength”

“Hopefully a cricket score Sheffield are shite.”

“We should be putting these to sleep over the 90 minutes…..predict a hattrick for Haaland.”

“Erling will probably get a hattrick or two here.”

“Straightforward run out against obvious relegation fodder.
Three points and move on.”

“Obviously no givens but an 8 day rest and I cant see us not getting 3pts and also well improving our goal difference. SU probably a good bet for relegation.”

“More than likely a physical encounter, hopefully our class shines through.”

“Should overcome Sheffield by taking our chances when they come along.”

“The biggest issue for us would be complacency. Ordinarily it would be a cakewalk – but we need to be at it from the start so they dont build up any head of steam and get the crowd into it. We beat them handily in the Cup last year and I expect a similar outcomes”

“On paper we should win this, however this is a huge game for them to play the Champions, and newly promoted clubs tend to (rather foolishly) put a lot of effort in to getting a big scalp (and then go on to lose the next 10 games)”

“Last season when Forest played out their skins to get a draw,after the match one of their lads texted ” we ‘ve effed up your season City “
I replied any team that gets points out of us always pays for it the very next game…
Forest got smashed by West ham next game…and we became Champions of Europe …didnt hear another peep from said Forest fan all season..”

“They weren’t bad against Forest , unlucky to lose. But yeah of course we should beat them”

“Not as easy as some suggest, only won 1-0 there twice in recent history and struggling for goals atm with the injuries. No doubt whoever officiates will let them be overly physical.
Hopefully no complacency and 3 points”

“Seem to remember us struggling against a very compact team over the last couple of season. Huge possession stats but little on goal. Won them but very hard work.”

“This game could be like the Huddersfield away game in 2017, I can see them causing us one or two issues from set pieces or corners, then we eventually come out on top in the end.”

“how do they cause us issues at set pieces and corners, we’re not exactly midgets at the back!”

“Very good team Sheff Utd and under estimate them at your peril. They have a great fighting spirit and will be keen for the biggest scalp in the league. I’d take 1-1 right now……”

“You’d take 1-1 against a team that will get relegated? They finished well behind Burnley last season and we saw them off, this shouldn’t be difficult, not taking it for granted but we really should win this.”

“I don’t understand why teams like Sheff U don’t prepare poor pitches to try and even things up. Are there rules against playable but poor pitches?”

“Some of their fans were complete arseholes at the semi- final before and after the game even singing the “Champions of europe you’ll never do that ” song and others just looking for a scrap , as far as on the pitch , they are going straight back down and we will be contributing on Sunday. We will need a strong ref because their only chance is to kick us off the park , if we score early then it will get messy for the Tykes.”

“Eight days for rest and training, a solid profestional win for me………..as long as a balloon doesn’t get in the way again:-)”

“That was about the most “Typical City” moment you could ever find! It’s comical now, but wasn’t at the moment, was it?”

“Can anyone recommend a small team* that I can start to follow as it is getting a bit repetitive supporting Manchester City, week in week out being the best team in the world. There is no jeopardy anymore, I remember when I was glad when we had 40 points on the board.
*Not Manchester United, I hate them.”

“They’ve signed Archer. That’s straight to the point but doubt we’ll be quivering in our boots about him.
Unlikely to be on target for them as all his shots are straight as an arrow and he doesnt have any other strings to his bow.”

“It doesn’t bowed well for them if he can’t play.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Man City”
  1. Typical arrogance from “fans” who not so long ago were in our position? Skint. Why don’t you remember when you copped for all this crap off the London/Manchester club? For a start,we’re Sheffield United not Sheffield. The first ever United. Always had a lot of time for city and their fans in the past,always the noisy neighbours we wanted to win. Still want em to win to be honest except when they play us,but some “fans” arrogance disgusts me. Better crowd of you at Maine rd,unlike the city fans from Wembley in the semi final from BRIGHTON!, who picked a fight with us and ended up on their arse. City fans with southern accents🙈 unheard of when we were both potless,and still better supported than the 2 other piles of crap in our cities. Bit of humility lads,Kyle,Doyle and McAtee will tell you a lot about our club and fanbase

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