“I’d loved to have seen Cam lead the line for us but you can’t fault the business we’re doing here. Decent fee for Cam, Ramsey and Chuck in the last 12 months.  This is why a good and functional academy is worth so much to a club. These guys are pure profit and if they take off in the next few years we can sign CA and AR back.”

“perfect move for us
We get a load of money for someone who won’t get much game time and we can get him back if he’s actually any good “

” Archer has potential to be a premier league striker but he’s not proven, and as much as I’d like him to prove himself at Villa, it seems we’re looking for someone with different attributes. I just hope we don’t regret it in two years time. “

“When he was struggling for Solihull I doubt many would have ever expected we would get £18m for him less than 3 years after. Wish him all the best. “

“Real shame but he just doesn’t suit us at the moment. Proving Villa wrong should be a big part of his motivation. “

“There’s only six months between them and Ramsey was playing Premier League football while Archer was struggling to make an impact on loan at Solihull Moors.
Archer has had a big jump from there – that experience seems to have been the making of him, he’s pushed on now to the point where he’s a useful Premier League back up or a very good Championship striker – I think we’re going to need more than that though to back up Ollie and if we get it, I’m not sure Cameron would be doing himself any favours sticking around here. “

“at the time he finished that move, you’d have got decent odds on him not having a future as a professional, but he’s worked really hard on himself, developed physically and technically and is now a very competent striker. “

“He is a victim of Villa’s success in a way. If we were still in the championship he’d likely be our starting striker”

“He’s destroyed the championship, so that’s beneath him so he’s good enough to be playing for a Prem side.”

“I recognise that Cameron Archer is not the finished article, but I also recognise that forwards have differing attributes, and may never develop the missing ones or weaker ones.
one of the most difficult tasks a forward has, is scoring goals regularly…..Cam has shown signs of that, at a decent level, but he is still young and learning other supporting attributes……decision making, positional sense, staying on the ball, bringing players in, vision and awareness…..all these things have to be enhanced in the league he is planning to be in….He has to learn those things on the job, like many players before him did. “

“I accept the fact that our exponential rise has inadvertently set the bar a bit high for some these developing players…..I still have much faith in Cameron, as I do in the manager,to do the right thing, its a tricky one.
Cam has moved on from Solihull Moors with aplomb, and his rate of goal scoring ( albeit the championship) is impressive……I think he has been a bit of a late developer, like platty….so I think once he has added attributes to his game and I think he will, given games, he will be well sought after. “

“Going to be a tough job making a huge impact with this SU side this season but I’d love to see him do it”

“I’m very unsure he’s going to cut it at PL level. Think he will be one of those players great in the Championship but not quite good though for PL. Early days though. Doesn’t seem to have enough about his game imo. “

“Reality is I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Archer starting competitive Prem games.”

“He’s bang average. “

“Sadly, whilst a very good player, he’s probably not quite ready for where we want to be, yet he’s going to want regular football.
I can see him being something of a Dwight Gayle – too good for the Championship but no that effective as a PL striker.”

“He’ll be playing in The Championship next season if he sticks with these. “

“I watched as many Middlesbrough games as I could, and Ramsey was far better than him, frankly it wasn’t even close, other than his goals Archer was actually quite quiet, in fact I thought Archer looked much better at Preston in terms of all round game. “

“There were only two strikers better than him in the champ last season, and both of them were in their prime. Yes, Ramsey was the better all round player, but the only reason they’d have been OK without Archer is because one of the other two strikers that was better then him was Akpom, who was also playing for Boro.
They didn’t have an equivalent replacement for Ramsey’s all round creativity.
They were both exceptional talents for their own reasons. And both are worth 20m”

“Archer is good but not great, and the window for him to step up and prove he can be great is starting to close. Not saying every striker begins to peak at 21/22, but they have to be able to show they’ve got a very high upper ceiling at this stage”

“He need to add more to his game.
That’s what emery don’t like about him. He is very one dimensional “

“He’s very similar to Defoe, would Defoe have fit into Emery’s way of playing?
I just don’t think he’s physical enough to be involved in multiple aspects of play. He’s a very good finisher but I think he could be better off developing himself as a wide forward/winger. “

“Archer is going for similar playing reasons as Ings did. A good player just doesn’t work well enough with how Emery wants things done i suspect. “

“How can anyone say he’s not good enough? He’s barely **** played for the first team.”

“Either he goes a smashes it, in which case we’ve got a serious player who has developed for a good price – developed in a way he couldn’t by staying with us. Or he becomes Rhian Brewster – in which case we’ve sold him at his peak. “


“Archer is a cracking player, but financially that deal isn’t great for Sheff Utd.”

“It’s not a great deal for Sheffield Utd but, because their finances are shot, it gets them a player they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.”

“Is Archer worth £20M?
Given a straight choice between say Gyokeres and Archer for example I’d take Gyokeres because he is more proven in the Championship and therefore more predictable in terms of his returns.
Archer is younger and because of that arguably has more potential but just as equally likely to have reached his limit with no guarantees either way. Long term Archer is potentially a better investment risk in terms of increasing in value (still speculative however) but if you are wanting results, i.e. promotion here and now then it has to be Gyokeres who has proven over a few continuous seasons to deliver. “

“Archer is NOT worth £20m and idk why people think he is, specially when Ramsey is leaving for £12m who imo was the more influential player. “

“I love Archer and would love to see him back but he’s slightly overrated by our fans. If I remember correctly there was a stint during the middle of his loan quite a few on here were calling for him to be rested as he wasn’t contributing to games. Then you can also look at the final games and playoffs where he was very poor. “

“Archer is not ready for the prem based on those showings, I’m not sure I’d really want him leading the line on his own he just gets bullied to easy.”

“Cracking poacher especially at this level but I think we also saw his limitations over the two legs against Cov. He lives and dies by the service he gets and if he’s not getting fed then he doesn’t create much for himself. “

“I rate Archer, reminds me of Defoe. Has that ability to grab himself a yard and he has that great snapshot ability Defoe used to have.
But Archer has been ineffective in as many games as he’s been great. I’m pretty sure a few were calling for him to be rested last season.”

“I also feel he’s slightly overrated by our fans. I never seen him take hold of a game and swing it in our favour the way I seen Ramsey do that. “

“There’s a huge difference between Championship and Premier both technically and physically and I don’t think he’s ready for that yet. “

“When I think of archer now I think of them play off games and how ineffective he was, if you go into them games with your £20m striker you want to at least cause some problems. Compare him to Gyokeres on the day, he occupied our whole defence almost. McNair kept him pretty quiet yea but he had a bigger impact on the games than Archer.
Im not only judging him on those games, I know he’s an excellent player”

“I disagree with you on is that in the play off games Coventry stifled our midfield which meant Archer had a lack of service.
That’s more down to Covs tactics than Archer going missing in a big game in my opinion. “

“A lot of boro fans wanted £15mill for Akpom, given Archer has huge potential and more years on his contract I don’t think it’s crazy to demand an extra £5mill”

“That’s why Archer has a £20m price tag… He stays ice cold and finishes several of the big chances we’ve spurned already this season.”

“Can anyone see Archer being a success and Sheff Utd, personally don’t think he’s ready for the prem (i may be biased as i want him here) but to a team that wont score many, and set up not to concede think he will struggle big time. “

“Seems well-suited to me. Archer is not a lone striker, he needs to work as part of a pair or with a #10 behind him. Sheffield Utd play 3-5-2 or 3-4-2-1. Still tend to use the Wilder model of a big guy and a little guy and they now have Hamer as well.
I mean they’ll get relegated and Archer will struggle to get to double figures but it’s as good a fit as he’s likely to find in the Premier league from teams who actually want to play him. The main issue I see is that their forwards are meant to do a lot of defensive work and tracking back and that is the weakest part of his game. “

“Archer got 11 goals and 6 assists in 20 games for us. Cardiff, Sheffield United, Norwich and Preston are all games where I’d say Archer swung them in our favour.”

“I just remember feeling that we were struggling for goals just before Archer came into the side and then started scoring a lot more freely after Archer started games. Maybe that was just because of the last two games before Archer began to start games for us where we only scored one goal in the two games against Millwall (h) and Sunderland (a) and then went on a run of 27 goals in 8 games directly after Archer began starting games.”

“We were winning before Archer and Ramsey… But I wouldn’t say we were great. We were scraping wins at that stage. It was only when Ramsey and, in particular,Archer , came in that we started battering teams. The effectArcher had in stretching the opposition was massive. “

“Thing about Archer is he’s clearly good enough for the Prem. “

“Archer is pure class.”

“he’s an excellent striker at this level.”

“He was the best finisher in the league last season. Give him 2 half chances and he will score at least 1 of them.”

“Would anyone take Brewster as an alternative to Archer ?”

“What has he ever done to get mentioned in the same breath as Archer? Nowhere near the level required “

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