“Think it stands to reason that SU got exactly what they deserved from that game. Which is absolutely nothing.
Played like cowards. Lost like cowards. Absolutely shite.”

“who wants to watch that shit. The sooner they get relegated the better, awful attempt at football in front of a full house at Bramhall Lane. WTF were their six fingers moronic thick Yorkshire twats booing Grealish for, while their players took turns to boot him is derisable. Laughably chanting “Premier League corrupt ” for daring to give Gvardiol a free kick for getting smacked in the face. Booing our players having to come off with an injury..”

“A win playing mostly in 2nd gear, that we’d have won more easily if we’d scored the penalty and against a team that only attempted to play something that looked a bit like football in the last 15 minutes. I don’t blame them for that, they’re shit so the WWE stuff was the only way they could compete. 3 points, no injuries, 3 wins in 3.”

“They are one of the worst PL teams I’ve ever seen”

“maybe the worst PL team I’ve ever seen.”

‘Somehow they got a standing ovation for parking the bus hahaha. I guess that’s what our level has become where teams are extremely happy to just not concede against us”

“When they actually committed more players stuck the ball down the line they looked like they could get a goal! Managers are that shit scared of getting smashed they concentrate more on parking the bus and not moving from that position.
Cowards especially there manager”

“don’t get it either because it’s not like it regularly actually works. It nearly always fails so what is the point? Just makes teams look meek.
The teams that have taken points off us recently – Brighton, Brentford, Newcastle, even Leicester and Palace in recent years – they play positive football.
In maybe two years of football I think I can remember bus parking working for Forest and Everton – and only because of huge help from the referee or swathes of luck. That’s in about 100 games.”

“Tbf, Sheffield United are shit and they know they are shit. Going at us would be suicidal. They were a bang average Championship side who then lost their 4 best players and barely signed anyone, expecting them to try and ho toe to toe with us us insane.”

“Of course they’re always likely to lose, and yes they are shit. But there’s a difference between keeping compact and organised but still trying to progress the ball (ala Brentford) and just cowardly sitting 11 men airtight in the box for the whole game.”

“You cannot shithouse for 90 mins and walk away with a point . We made hard work but a wins a wins .”

“3 more points, this time against a horrible, industrial team.”

“Sheffield United with their constant fouling and long throws. They were like a Stoke City lite.”

“Ref very very lenient on them card wise, missed penalties in the 1st half but least he didn’t fall for the dive for the penalty, certain refs i know would have given it.”

“Could have had 5 without even playing that well…their keeper won’t produce 90 mins like that again either this season.”

“one of the most unserious matches we,ve played in the guardiola era and against a championship side. Should’ve been 4 or 5 nil easy”

“hope the blades play like that against the more mentally fragile sides (arsenal and rags) – could be very entertaining!”

“Sheff Utd defended excellently and didn’t allow us to bully them like we do to most teams. They were as physical with us as we are with everyone else usually.”

“As frustrating as it is to play a team like sheff united parking the bus, how can you criticise them for it? How else can a team lacking quality get anything against us. I’d play exactly the same way if I was playing us”

“think McBurney made a big difference he’s a leader”

“What is all this crap about Blades being a Championship side. They were last season and might well be next season, but they are in the Prem on merit. – Even if they are crap.
Calling them a Championship side is very raggish.”

By Roy

10 thoughts on “View From Man City”
  1. So most city fans wanted us to try to attack them ,get caught and concede 5 or 6
    Think not our season won’t be decided by results against billionaire clubs

  2. City fans have picked up the arrogance baton that their city rivals have given up. Maybe the Johnny cum lately fans cos I’m old enough to remember many a game against them down the divisions when they were crap and skint

  3. City fans forget when they were skint and shit in the lower divisions. , lucky for them they have billions to spend and buy who ever they want and buy the glory they have . If sheff Utd had the same maybe we could have given them a game . Money talks in the premier . Simple ! One day your billionaire owners may piss off and you’ll be skint and shit again , now that would be funny

  4. Wow and people thought man utd fans were so entitled and the ref was poor for them 🙄 he didn’t give us one free kick for all the times our players were pushed in the back when going up for a header .man City fans used to be humble and decent people now you’re all so far up your own arses its actually making people cringe but hey thats what happens when you buy titles without having to earn them

  5. Well City if that’s the best you have After spending money like you do
    I am so happy to be a Blade
    If that’s the type of football that you enjoy
    Keeper time wasting
    Players falling down when a gust of wind blows
    Well done for your achievements
    Hope you don’t go bust because you wouldn’t know what’s hit you
    Plastic fans
    Enjoy your season watching fake/ corrupt football
    Glad I am a blade

  6. Terrible comments from so called City fans. Obviously the pep generation,because for a million years City were us! Always had a lot of time for city and their fans,still do,the older genuine ones. No fuckin humility whatever,been spoilt. It’s bollocks the shit they come out with these days. If their finances are ever investigated properly who knows. They forget we were the only club not to vote against them last time we were in premier league. Piss poor. Show some humility,some Maine Rd manners

  7. Maybe if they were sat on the half way line like me, they would have seen Grealish chucking himself on the ground without been touched. The referee was an absolute joke, constantly blowing for nothing, and yes, the Premier league is definitely corrupt.

  8. Oil money and Human Rights abuse, State assassinations too. No class in the vast majority of their fans’ comments either. Let’s remember the old Man City Club, along with their neighbours introduced hooliganism to our game back in the 70’s. All the new hangers-on have no class either. UTB, true loyalty and tradition matters.

  9. Absolutely awful comments from a money club, if all teams were only able to pay the same money out, they wouldn’t be singing so much and trashing other teams. Typical big heads, who are only there from the owners money, The time will come when it stops and City go downwards, they need to find some humility and not be so downright rude to other teams, especially ones who have no money. High time a similar spend limit was imposed on teams’ spending like in F1 otherwise it’s only the money that’s winning clubs who are able to splash out umpteen million’s on a single player when other clubs’ total team costs less. Stop being so clever Man City. It’s no wonder you’re players get booed at, It’s not like you’ll win every time you play.

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