“Everyone said last year he was championship quality so we should loan him out. Now we are in the Championship loaning him to a PL team.”

“He just hasn’t managed to kick on from when he broke into the team. Not really progressed like Chilwell did.
I like him a lot as a professional though and you could never say he didn’t give it everything, but he is just short of being a top player for us. “

“He’s a decent young player but I don’t think he’s good enough for top end of the championship”

“Technically not a bad player, he just needs to toughen up a bit. Feel like he could get exposed in that Sheff U team who will be defending for their lives each week.”

“The only position I can see him doing well is is an orthodox wingback. Needs to put on a stone or so first though”

“Little boy in a man’s game”

“Sorry I just don’t rate him, never really have tbh. Yes he’s had one or two half decent games. But I can’t see a way back for him here. “

” I always felt he was the weak link in the team. He is the sort of player that has to be at his absolute best to look just half decent. “

“He’s basically average at best at everything required for a modern day footballer, particularly the physically demanding role of a FB/WB.”

“He’s not good enough or versatile enough to play in our system. Even if we did play with orthodox full backs or wing backs, we have 3 better than him on the left side alone in Justin, Kristiansen and Castagne. Hopefully the club are looking to move him on for this reason”

“He started in a cup final win at 20 years old and had a great game. He’s 22. I think it’s far too early to say he’s not good enough or versatile enough. He just needs to go on loan somewhere where he will play in a system somewhat similar to the one we are trying to develop so that he can learn what’s needed and come back a better player for it. Its not just a case of loaning him out for the sake of it we need to loan him to the right club. “

“Thomas is an interesting one. I’ve always thought he doesn’t do anything well enough to play as an LB or LWB nowadays. Not particularly quick, can’t whip a dangerous ball in, not the best defender.
He is a tidy footballer though – Good first touch, and his short passing is decent. I don’t think it’s ridiculous to suggest he could do well in the role Ricardo is playing now.”

“Just such a weirdly inconsistent player.”

“Has games when he doesn’t look out of place whatsoever at the top level, then he’ll be by far and away the worst player on the pitch the next.
The player in the FA Cup final vs. the player who should’ve been dragged WITHIN the first half against Blackburn last season because he was that awful.”

“Feels like he’s a victim of circumstance. Another manager comes in who plays a back four and he’s 100% in the squad battling with VK for the LB role. As it happens, Enzo comes in who plays a LCB at LB in effect and he’s surplus to requirements.
Seems a decent pro, got areas to develop in his game, but has come through our academy and played 50 games of Prem football with us, winning the FA cup and playing for U21s. I’m sure he’d have taken that at 22!”

“I see Thomas as a better prospect for the way we play than VK from what we’ve seen, VK looks more of a wingback where as Thomas looks better defensively when he doesn’t have to overlap the winger “

“I always thought he has the passing range of a midfielder. It’s just whether he can adapt positionally and cope with the rigours of the ‘engine room’ and have the play going on all around him as opposed to only to the one side of him.Its a shame because I like it when academy players come through. He’s won the FA Cup and played a significant part in the England U21s Euros win in the summer. But even among us fans, we can see that his game needs development if he’s to be a regular at the top level. I’d love it if he could find his niche and become a top player but at this point a move away is probably best for him. “

“It doesn’t look like he will get much gametime, which is a shame. I’m convinced he still has potential we’ve not fully realised. “

“His first season or so as a first team member was great, and I remember everyone on FT saying how he was way better the Chilwell ever was at his age. Personally I still believe that.

As with all of our players in the past 2 years, it all comes down to Rodgers “man management” skills. Rodgers took a team of talented players and made looks worse and worse every game, until they believed that themselves. “

“Leicester lad.
England under 21 player.
Fa cup winner.
He deserves a little more respect.”

“I think Luke Tomas needs a permanent move away from Leicester to a club where the fans respect him as a player. Our fans give so much scrutiny to our academy players that it’s hard for someone so young to gain confidence.”

“”He’s never been given a fair crack by many due to being from the academy rather than brought in from outside. Same people who said Barnes will find his level in the Championship. Guess what he’ll now be champions league. Also the same people who pile on KDH at every opportunity.”

“My view on Thomas is as it is on certain other players. I’m reluctant to judge our younger players who have come into the club or through to the first team under Rodgers and had sporadic time in the team as I think it was an awful environment for young players finding their way. If they fail to make it elsewhere then fine. Until then I think it is more about what our club has done to them. We are where young careers have come to die in recent years. “

“Good move for him and us, if he doesn’t develop under Heckinbottom then he’s likely hit his ceiling.”

By Roy

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