“Have to win, HAVE to win”

“Nervous about this one (as ever!)”

“Just need a result here. Then maybe we’ll have a couple of new signings and McNeil back from injury to face Brentford and Arsenal and we can get going in earnest. It would be hard to recover from losing this one, though.”

“We desperately need to win this game.
It goes without saying for me but 0 points from Fulham (H), Villa (a), Wolves (H) and Sheff Utd (a) would be a sackable offence in itself. I don’t see how the manager survives a defeat.
And, we have Arsenal and Brentford after the international break, so you could see a situation where we’ve played 6 and have 0-3 points – if we lose here. Meaning, even if he did limp on, surely it would just be prolonging the inevitable.”

“Quite simple for me this one: fail to win & he(Dyche) is done.”

“Unless we figure out how to play football between now and the weekend, I think we lose this one. Just watched their game against City and they played very well, and would’ve deserved a point.
This result (despite the loss) will encourage them and I can see us easily losing”

“These couldn’t score against Lincoln City at home
You know the rest.”

“Sheffield United are crap too but with them being at home I can’t help but feel this will be difficult, particularly with the injuries we have in the final third.”

“Got to hit the ground running. Any slow start like Villa and Doncaster and we will be playing catch up. Beto has got to start or we are in trouble”

“No cause for optimism after that performance. Will be lucky to get a point out of this.”

“The problem we’ve got now is they’ll be well up for this, thinking we’re one of the teams they’ve got to beat around them. Narrow defeat to city and their fans were quite loud, can see another embarrassment here.”

“I’m only go as it’s one of the few grounds I’ve never been too. I expect to leave on around the 75th minute to beat the traffic as once again we but in an abysmal excuse of a performance.”

“They didn’t deserve a point from the City game but in a weird way it can be easy to look decent in games like that because you just need to sit all your players behind the ball and hope for a break on the counter. How many times have we seen a good battling display with our backs to the wall against a top side, followed by lots of comments like “if we do that next week we will win” only to come unstuck against one of the lower league sides. “

“Let’s hope they implement the same tactics against us and sit all of their players in a defensive position behind the ball, I somehow think they won’t they will be more attacking against us mainly because they know we are struggling to score, and they will gamble that we won’t score. “

“I think that is what we would want them to do (try and attack us). I don’t really see us breaking down a stubborn defence so if we need 20 chances before we score, we have a higher likelihood of that happening if they play to win and leave space for us to exploit.”

“The last 2 home games we had a combined 46 attempts at goal, so I’m not convinced 20 will be enough”

“Beto to prove he can do it in the prem and continue his road to cult hero status
We have to win this, and with a proper striker I think we will”

“Need to keep this unbeaten run we have going. Narrow Everton win – Beto continuing his goal a game ratio.”

“Sheff Utd v Beto FC”

“I doubt Beto will be considered “Dyche fit” so I’d be surprised if he goes straight in.
It’ll be the same starting XI as Wolves imo.
I’ll go for a scrappy 1-0 win with certain people declaring Dyche as some managerial mastermind in the aftermath.”

“3pts nailed on
Not too sure who for though.
the ‘Everton That’ effect has a Tom Davies winner as an outside chance.
Nah we’ll do these – all runs end…and we need it to.”

“They just signed Cameron Archer, who will cause us problems”

“I think Archer will do alright for them.
They’ll definitely be looking at this game and thinking it’s a good chance to get 3 points, much like we are.”

“….beware the long throw.”

By Roy

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