“I knew it was going to happen congratulations to Sheffield they are not relegating this season”

“Mcatee wants more first team football, and the club agree going on loan is the best thing for him. Mcatee really enjoyed his time at Sheffield United last season and it was always his first preferred move. Location also plays a big role in it for Mcatee.”

“Really happy for Mcatee He deserve to play regularly in the PL & Hopefully he will shine again this season”

“good for him prem minutes and they look like a good side where he’ll gain some experience ngl but I mind our depth ffs”

“Would of loved McAtee to stay but unfortunately i cant see Pep giving him the required minutes, especially with Nunes coming in.
I’m just glad hes not sold.”

“Think this is ideal. He is going to get a full PL season in a challenging survival battle, where he will play and develop. It beats sitting on our bench in my view and will benefit City and the player. The Sheffield Utd fans made a big fuss of him on Sunday and it is a win all round I think.”

“Hopefully it gives him chance to shine in the Premier, he will get a lot more game time than he would with us, so fingers crossed this will be the making of him.”

“the fact he will get 30+ PL games under his belt if he doesnt get injured will be better then maybe getting 1 start for us.”

“seems strange to let Mcatee go on loan – was really hoping we’d see him play this year.”

“It’s definitely McAtee pushing for it.”

“last season they had Ndiaye, Berge and Doyle and were playing in a really weak Championship. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be delighted if he had a great season with them but I just don’t see it happening.”

“Not convinced its the best move for him. Sat on the bench for them half the games in the Championship and now they are in PL so I imagine he wont be starting more this season. Would have preferred if we loaned him somewhere else. He wasn’t even on the pitch for 50% of their season which is not exactly what I hope for when loaning out our young players. This must be one of the worst possible loan destinations, in my opinion. Hope they start playing a different kind of football than in these first 3 games, since I dont think playing park the bus football in a relegation candidate is ideal for development. With that said, I have nothing against Sheffield U and hope they stay up!”

“I would have preferred another destination considering he sat on the bench half the games for them in the Championship and it seems unlikely his number of starts will improve now when they are in PL. Not to mention they will play park the bus football which is not ideal from a developing point of view, in my opinion.”

“Maybe they park the bus and he makes the difference let’s hope so”

“He will get that losers feeling playing for Sheffield all season not good! Better of going to Leicester!”

“He wants first team football,and he is in something of a comfort zone an hour down the road.

If they use him properly,their neanderthal tactics may even get something of an overhaul……one can only hope.”

“he’ll learn sod all at Sheffield as they’ll get battered nearly every week which isn’t something that happens to us….stay and watch & learn here.”

“Personally I think going back there is a terrible decision. They play awful football and they’re going to really struggle this season.”

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