“Mixed performance, some good things, quite a few bad things. One thing looks certain – Sheff Utd are going straight back down so even though we were away it’s two points dropped for me.”

“Sheff Utd are going to get walked over all season. Absolutely 2 points dropped…
Then again, are we any better? There is some absolutely honking players in our squad “

“Both bottom three sides, I think. We’ll be lucky to get anything from the next couple of games”

“I think them, burnley and luton are going to be walked over all season. This is all I’m clinging onto in regards to us being safe this year”

“Sheff Utd looked awful and we just drew with them”

“Feels like two points dropped. We were all over them for the first 40 minutes.”

“Sheff United go down easily this season and we only got a point. Just can’t see how we survive this season. All well playing decent but we aren’t getting the results.”

“Not once did we look in control of that game; against a team that is quite poor.”

“We are also a poor team who haven’t looked in control of a game for about four years.”

“Not quite sure what to make of that really, a point away is always good, but then they’re also one of the worst teams we will face this season and they very nearly beat us. “

“the overall quality from both teams was terrible.”

“2-2 away against a team that only just lost to City and has since bought in a player in Archer who was probably MoM. Not going to be as hard a season as some are making out. The difference in footballing terms was massive here and by the time Sheffield United come to Goodison we’ll be rubbing our hands together, rightly expecting to give them a dribbling. “

“Actually don’t think we were too bad today, I know we all would of preferred the win but we looked bright at times and actually moved the ball quickly.
One point from twelve is pretty terrible but both Fulham and Wolves robbed us blind.”

“A point against that lot nowhere near good enough.”

“We will survive again because, unbelievably, there will be 3 teams crapper than us. “

“Is there 3 teams worse than us? 1 point from 12, another game we could have easily lost today so I wouldn’t say we are miles ahead of Sheffield Utd by any stretch.
The only team I’ve seen who look definitely worse than us so far is Luton.”

“Decent performance and an entertaining game of football. Happy to see us finally scoring and 1 point on the board; it feels like two points dropped but I’m satisfied with the progress being made.”

“We should have won and could have lost.
Need to put the ball in the net when on top. We should be 2-1 up and go behind.
The one thing you cannot do is lose a 6 pointer away so that’s the only positive”

“Better than we have been and good to break our scoring duck. Too many silly mistakes though. Kept gifting Sheffield the ball with bad passing and releasing any pressure on them and inviting it onto us.”

“Words that I don’t think I have ever heard before – “Everton are a big side” lol; we are almost always a small side full of small players. Let’s hope we can make use with better deliveries.”

“The two goals Sheffield scored are squarely on Dyche and the way he’s got them set up. Go back and have a look at the space in front of the CBs, not just for the two goals. “

“the reality is we can thank Pickford that we didn’t do an Everton. “

“A point is ok away from home, there all tough whoever you play.
We didnt create loads but neither did they.”

“Better point for us than them as long as we beat them at home. “

“Both teams fighting for survival, it was like a cup match. Will be easier games in the season against better teams then Sheffield.”

“Archer didnt touch the ball for 80 minutes and still managed to score 2 goals. “

“Shows what a clinical finisher can do for a team.”

“Loved the bromance between Mcburnie and Pickford after that save, one nutter to another.”

“I know Dyche mentioned the refs there but would love him to have been a bit stronger in calling them out, take the fine (appreciate that’s easy for me to say) but really call them out and shine a bit of a spotlight on them, fed up of us getting done over “

“that ref was a homer a blatent pen denied for us their 2ndgoal was lucky 2 points dropped sadly”

“Constantly gave 5050s against us for no reason”

“At times our distribution was last, but I’ll take 2 goals away from home and another rubbish ref.”

“Big take away from that game is either that ref is immensely incompetent and should be sacked or is corrupt and should be sacked. Two pens there for me and redrawing the free kick wall line was insanity.”

“Two crap teams matched by an equally crap referee. #Premiership2023”

“ref was woeful. Sheffield such a dirty side, don’t think he got many calls right at all”

“Absolute embarrassment from the premier league refereeing crew again, they dont seem to be making much effort to hide it again. Literally should have had 3 penalties, but after they ignored the first handball it was obvious what they were trying to do. “

“Ref tried his best to deny us a point but failed.”

“Branthwaite getting his shirt ripped off and VAR go ‘nothing to see here’”

“The refereeing (and var) today was beyond shambolic, these egotistical bells need binning to a man. I particularly liked the first half free kick where the Sheffield Utd line had all encroached towards the ball and were clearly in front of the line the ref sprayed, so in order to rectify this he sprayed another line in front of where they were now all stood. “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Everton”
  1. Unbelievable comments. You got away with two blatant handballs in the box and every time there was a breeze your players fell over. Nottingham has two teams and Everton are the Notts County of Liverpool. That might be a little hard on Notts County.

  2. Thought Everton looked exactly like a Sean Dyche team, massive, disciplined and physical. New lad up front for them is a handful and caused problems for Egan. We need to start closing down quicker and speeding our game up, or better sides than Everton will destroy us. Archer looked ok and Anel and Mcburnie second half, but over all the team we need to improve.

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