Here I take a look at how 3 players who helped The Blades to promotion last season have started off at their new clubs…


“They absolutely loved him at Bramall Lane.
There was just the doubt he would regain his form after his injury. “

“Enda looks absolutely quality. I really wasn’t sure why we’d signed him, but if he stays injury free he’ll be an integral player in the team. He never looked threatened, won pretty much everything that came at him, looked forward not back, played some belting balls down the line, offered strong support to those in front, had a few great crosses, and overlapped far better than I thought he would do with some really intelligent use of the ball when he did so. “

“I thought he was excellent again today”

“Whilst a few of the newer lads looked a little nervy in the first 15, he looked like the international he is throughout. “

“better than I thought”

“A real surprise to me but I now have few worries about the left back position. “

“A clear upgrade on Fox”

“Humble pie time … looked a good pro to get in on a one year contract . “

“Reminded me of a left footed Phil Bardsley, solid defensively with some neat work going forward. I like him. “

“a good solid pro who knows what’s what and exactly why Neil signed him. “

“solid but not a wing back “

“let down by his crossing”

“very average”

“OK, but nothing more!”

“ going to get targeted by sides for his lack of pace/ the change they made at HT totally exposed him (worrying) “

“Showed today exactly why he wasn’t the answer.
Nothing going forward. Poor defensively. “


“As far as Berge is concerned I think it’s a ‘watch this space’ because my Blade mate was almost in tears when we got him. He is a player of undoubted ability. “

“I think at times he is unfairly criticised”

“Wonderful, wonderful contribution for the winning goal. Everything we bought him for can be seen in that piece of play. Let’s hope that those that have already written him off (and there are a good few out there) can perhaps now more clearly see the undoubted quality that Sander Berge can bring to our exciting team.”

“ Good news he has the ability and once he adjusts to our pace he will be a star.He needs a tough ball winner with him .He had Josh Brownhill which allowed him more freedom to play his natural game as a creator of chances “

“I think more have been questioning his role as a defensive midfielder rather than the actual player. “

“Was he the type of player we desperately needed? Only time will tell. And I think that’s what people have been querying. “

“Thought he did well for the first half an hour, The problem is his best work was in the left wing position. He’s clearly not a defensive midfielder, he likes to roam and get on the ball.”

“A none tackling giant in a 2 man cm isn’t what we need, especially with his languid style. Letting him loose with 2 holding cm is fine.”

“found the Berge signing an odd one and possibly the oddest of the summer for us it seemed weird to me that Sheff U were suddenly, almost overnight, happy to sell and cheerfully wave him off before immediately scurrying out and using the cash to buy a guy who we’d allegedly been after and were chatting up. My feeling was that they may have boxed very cleverly there. I’ll be honest and say that in the two games I’ve seen Berge play he really hasn’t impressed, although he was definitely better against Villa than against City. I wasn’t at Forest, so I can’t say on that one. However I will say two things: 1. I believe he divided Sheff U fans opinions because he has such a “languid” style and that leads some fans to immediately think “lazy”, which MIGHT be unfair. 2. I’ll wait until he’s played 10 games (that I’ve actually attended in person) before I decide if he’s bobbins or not. Jury’s out imo.”

“Sheff U done us up like kippers with this bloke, slow poor in possesion”

“Obviously a lot more going on around the two teams and who they have played but Hamer certainly seems to have made more of an impact then Berge so far. “

“This lad has been very disappointing for me thus far. “

“Some good, but some poor moments. A championship player. “

“never been a PL midfielder. Awful player. “

“Gash, yet again”

“I remember the (somewhat contentious!) thread titled “George Boyd, what’s the point?”. I’m feeling a “Sander Berge, what’s the point” thread coming along anytime soon”

“Disbelief that we paid £19m for Trafford, £15m for Berge and £7m for O’Shea (none of whom are better than what we already have)”

“amazing stat on Berge……Sander Berge has lost in 19 of his last 20 Premier League appearances”

“That stat will apply to any of the Sheff United squad that remain from their last outing in the PL…”

“Not sure it will. Amazingly his record goes back to the season they has a really good league finish. “


“After everyone gave him the keys to the club. He lets the dough rest before putting it in the oven. “

“big disappointment, he is messy without football IQ and plays with his head down…
So you shouldn’t overdo it and it’s us the supporters who treated a simple English D2 player like a star.”

“He thinks he’s Neymar the guy

“Disappointed at the moment. Wants to do too much”

“He’s a player I’ve been waiting for and so far I’m very disappointed. He does too much, he dribbles too much; need to stop for a moment. And I thought he was more of a killer in front of the striker, it’s far from that. afterwards he can progress he has talent. nothing is final.”

“Doesn’t have the right gesture. Worrying”

“Frankly since the start of the season he has been seriously annoying me. The guy who wants to dribble past everyone….. I’m already tired of seeing him impale himself on all the defenses.
He has to raise his head and give his ball, it will be better already.
It’s better than that. His speed could do damage with more control. “

“He wants to do too much and it harms the team more than anything else…
You’re not ready man so stop forcing and play simple like Aubameyang it will only be better. “

“ It’s sad in hindsight and a little shameful. But hey I know he’s better than what he’s showing right now “

“Pressure, wants to do too well, his position that I don’t understand at all but his entry did some good. Of course he has to do much better but I believe in him. “

“ he is a player with an atypical background (spotted by Sheffield on a five, not going through the training center and two seasons as a pro including only one complete as a starter) He has a big margin for progress, don’t trust his 23 years, he’s a very rough diamond that we’re going to polish, expecting something straight away from him is utopia, that’s why Marcelino is calling for lowered his tone regarding the expectations concerning him like that everything cannot come straight away concerning him and he himself overplays because of the expectations. “

“Little NDiaye was already having trouble handling the pressure since his arrival, just playing football.
And the president, to present Correa, calmly says that if Sanchez does not come back, it is because we preferred NDiaye.
So he says calmly, “OK, so this kid who doesn’t manage his emotions well, he’s the one who’s going to replace our best player from last season.”
There’s no better way to remove the lead from him than the kid was already putting on his shoulders on his own”

“I don’t worry about him in the long term. On the other hand, we clearly see that he is not ready. “

“He’s so obsessed with this damn goal, that he completely thwarts it at times. “

“That’s what I feared….
The guy comes with crazy hype and some people forget that he’s still young and needs to adapt. People are already talking bad about him in the media.
Courage little one, we know that it is not easy to come to OM. “

“I do not worry. He is too talented not to succeed. “

“Must release his balls earlier, clear his head and play simpler, must free himself to fully exploit his potential… “

“He is actually on the ground when he wants to protect his balls.
I think he should offer more movement so that we give him good balls. Too wait-and-see and doesn’t play on his qualities.
He discovers the rough defenses of the L1 in small spaces.”

““He has to manage his efforts
3 matches 3 times cramps”

“cramps in the 55th minute, who do they have as trainer in Sheffield?” ”

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