Frankie Maguire, Louie Marsh, Harrison Neal and Miguel Freckleton have yet to start a league game for their new clubs at the time of writing.


“Boyes looked good (my MOTM). “

“Excellent crosser of the ball”

Really good work rate”

“Boyes looks very good”

“Boyes is excellent.”

“Impressed with Boyes”

“Boyes can probably carry the ball better than anyone else in our team”

“Seems just as good as midfield or LWB”

“Really impressed with Boyes particularly so far, but he does seem to be more a full back than wing back”

“Amazed we took off Boyes “

“Boyes looks a lot more solid to me but he’s the one that seems to get taken off”

“I want Boyes to play left back. Didn’t understand why he was left out on Saturday. “

“Boyes must start every game£”

“Not convinced with Boyes defensively”

“Boyes really not impressive. Misplacing passes, running into defence, a poor showing. “


“In the last 10 years I’ve seen Grealish ( Notts County) and Delli Alli ( MK Dons) at VP and Arblaster has similar star quality..Different class “

“That’s a massive call and statement…………..and I don’t disagree”

“Arblaster is the best loan signing I have ever seen at Vale.”

“i have not seen a better player in cm than arblaster since we were promoted. “

“I have to say In near on 40 years of watching vale I haven’t seen anyone of same talent at 19 years of age ,the lad is pure class Worth the admission fee alone “

“love watching him every week”

“He’s as good as anyone in the league”

“He’s a level above.”

“the kids immense and he’s only 19”

“Arblaster is too going to be a special player he’s got everything already,even at his tender age”

“Arblaster is the real deal. Who knows how far he can go?”

“Id be throwing every penny we have at signing arblaster i know chances are next to zero but sheff u seem to be cashing in on most of the sellable assets. I know there is literally next to no chance but if your looking for someone whos gonna be worth a few million quid in next few years theres the man “

“We will enjoy him while he’s here imagine he will be in and around their first team next year bags of quality”

“Arblaster is a special special talent, if Sheffield United do go down he’s a shoe in for first team football next season head and shoulders above league one football already at his age”

“Their future captain need to get themselves stable in the prem in the next 5 years to keep him I think he’s that good”

“If Arblaster could add goals to his game then he’d be even more special.”

“we are relying on young players and as much as I think Arblaster is the mutts nuts his form will dip at some point .”


“he was all over the place vs Hartlepool”

“looks a tad shaky, a run of games would do his confidence a lot of good”

“the distribution from Potter was woeful. “

“has a tendency to give away card with odd rash challenge”

“Potter will eventually take Okimos place, simply on ability to move his feet quicker “

“After the first 20 minutes Potter grew into the game well and Hartigan was class. Will be invaluable this season “

“Thought Potter did well”

“Potter better today as we always look more assured with Collinge and Okimo marshalling the defence “

“Potter was more assured than he looked on Saturday. “

“Potter looked very solid and tightened things up toward the end of the match. “

“Quality, quality player. Proper footballer and athlete. “
“Definitely a league quality player, and he will help get us back there.”

By Roy

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