“I can’t wait for Saturday. Not felt like this before a game for a long time!!”

“I suspect a bog standard match against Sheffield Utd will have rarely generated so much excitement.
I’m going and I’m already simmering. (My last match was Milan at home, and after that anything will seem good.)
Couldn’t care less who plays, just show me the pretty football Ange.”

“The last four years have given me the utter fear of these banana skin games we are expected to win. Hopefully Ange has installed a different mentality and we wont think we just have to turn up to win. “

“Their defence held up well against City only a few weeks ago but it should be a comfortable three points in the bank”

“They got absolutely battered. Another day would have been 5. Mixture of great goalkeeping and bad finishing.
Haaland missed a penalty too.
Anything less than 6 goals at the weekend and I’m writing a letter of complaint to customer services.
If we can score 5 at Burnley it’s the least we can expect at the Stadium of the Hotspurs.”

“Yes I know you’re joking, but let’s be serious
1 against Palace
2 against Forest
2 against City
2 against Everton (got a point)
Burnley on the other hand play wide open football and have conceded 11 goals in 1 less game than Sheff Utd
The football will be better, I expect us to win, but we’re going to have to work for this one IMO. “

“They played like a turtle living under a nuclear bunker and should have been spanked against City . “

“i think with how insanely deep Sheffield United will play both our 8’s are gonna pick up such high positions – meaning Kulusevski could be a bit more dangerous than Sarr in those areas. But I’m equally happy with an unchanged team”

 “What we can’t do is think we’ve cracked it. We are not good enough to not play our best team and our best team is the one that started against Burnley.”

“Has to be the same line up as the Burnley game in my opinion. Unless we decide to bring Richy back in against one of the worst teams in the league and put Son back out wide but I don’t think Ange cares too much for sentiment.”

“if we’re EVER gonna find out if Richie CAN hack it at the highest level, I’d rather we experiment for a half, or an hour against Sheff Utd (and still have the 2nd half to put it right)
…rather than risk him against the Arse or Liverpool and find ourselves 2-3 goals down with an impossible task for Sonny to he expected to clean up the mess!!”

“The thing is, there are so many players praising Gio’s ability, Ange didn’t want him to go. Seriously McCoy’s I think we got to start playing him soon, and Shef Utd is the ideal opportunity”

“Ange wants to win every match and believed 9 changes would still beat Fulham away which is a harder match than Sheff Utd at Home
So should we expect 9 changes on Saturday?
Well we all know the answer to that as it is a PL match and that is where the MONEY is. “

“There will be no death wish high line like Burnley stubbornly played last time. It’ll be 10 men behind the ball with no space in behind. For that reason I see Richie starting. This will be a game won from crosses into the box. Not Son racing in behind with loads of space in front of him.”

“One concern for Sheff United… They have about 1 international player. They’ll be fresh and will have been training 2 weeks

“Even with a low block Ange will be wanting to smash them at home”

“we will beat Sheffield for sure”

“been a while since we can start looking forward to our games again.
let’s keep the positivity going and put on another display the fans can get behind.

“Going to this. 3 or 4 nil win imo.

“Whatever the side, I’m going 4 or 5 nil to the Mighty Spurs”

“Hoping for 5-0 but think a comfortable 2-0 is more realistic.”

“As long as it’s the complete opposite of the last game against this lot!!! I still have nightmares from that game, more because it felt like we couldn’t be arsed.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Spurs”
  1. “One concern for Sheff United… They have about 1 international player. They’ll be fresh and will have been training 2 weeks
    Its amazing how misinformed some fans are,
    theres 10 been away on international duty

  2. Typical gobshite Spurs fans. Had 4 decent results,albeit against shite,but they’re already champions in waiting😂😂😂 You May beat us,but try and show a tiny bit of respect. We are where we are on merit.” We spent £20 m net. Big time Charlie’s,can’t wait to see Arsenal rip you a new one. Another trophyless season in store,yet again. At least you’ve a lovely ground

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