“The feel good factor is well and truly back. This place is mental and buzzing”

“Would have been a travesty if we hadnt won.”

“Crazy match. high number of yellow cards, corners, shots, penalty appeals and mins added on/played. Yes happy but it should not be so difficult to beat Sheffield Utd. No one was predicting in this thread anything but a win. “

“What a way to win a game. Just never clicked properly until late on, in a game that was continuously disrupted by both SU and an horrendous ref.”

“What a satisfying 3 points after the ridiculous time wasting and atrocious officiating.”

“Ref spoilt the game for me, if he had grown a pair far earlier they wouldn’t have wasted so much time which ironically helped them lose.
Spurs 2 v Anti Football 1
12 yellows and a red in a game that wasn’t dirty , hang your head in shame Ref, you didn’t have a clue today. “

“Victory for proper football
They and the ref where a disgrace wasting time from the first minute”

“A great feeling to get a win against a team that parked the bus, wasted time and with the entire officials team behind them. “

“Loved their players melting at the end when we did the same with the time wasting.”

“Absolutely awful game. Whatever Sheff failed to do to ruin it; the ref had the rest covered.”

“The ref was terrible. Gave every decision to SU.”

“The worst refereeing display I’ve ever seen, he allowed them to ruin the entire game”

“He did all he could to hand them the win”

“I like all this added time, it definitely favours the attacking team not the shithouse low block merchants.
Basically you keep playing until the more attacking team scores which is no bad thing.”

“Sheffield United deserved every last life-sucking nanosecond of that pain. Loathesome masters of their own disgraceful downfall. Utter scum.
Oh the joy of it. The pure, blissful joy of it.”

“Justice was done in the end. Awful premier league officials
And on a side I hope Sheffield go down. Awful, talentless time wasting cheats. They offer nothing to this league”

“Sheffield United will go down and nobody will miss them.”

“Sheffield United anti football pricks hope they go down”

“Looking forward to Sheffield getting relegated.”

“If the headline isn’t “From Heckingbottom to Rock bottom” tomorrow, I’ll be gutted.”

By Roy

11 thoughts on “View From Spurs”
  1. Premier league corrupt as fuck I wonder if spurs were 1 up at 90 mins there would have been an extra 15 mins ……. I think not

  2. What a lot of pure negative responses from spurs fans , what did they expect for the blades just to turn up and offer them a hatful of goals . Entitledbunch of yobs

  3. “Ref gave them everything” yeah, ok, apart from adding 14-15 minutes on and sending one off our players for something Spurs players were doing all the time. Can’t wait for them to implode and drop down league.

  4. Nothing surprises me about established football team fans and their comments. Totally entitled rubbish. It’s a game. You won. Be happy.

  5. The spurs side shown why they never win anything they are talentless and spineless and lack any ability to win anything and their fans are deluded gobshites who seem to think their as good as arsenal which they are a mile off being.

  6. Self entitled wankers maddison reffed the game and when he didn’t get a corner he went on floor behind ref banging on floor embarrassing as for the celebrations well in over 50 years ive never seen anything so embarrassing after beating little old Sheffield united the trouble is you thought it was going to be easy mind you have to celebrate because once again you will win fuck all

  7. Always interesting to hear the other supporters’ opinions but we don’t have to respect them. I’m more with Hecky than them but do think he was unwise to vent his feelings re McBurnie who cannot shut his mouth.

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