“Didn’t get what we deserved tonight”

“Well done Rovers…
Great performance.”

“Was that 2 penalties turned down were the Blades playing Basketball?”

“How did we not win that?”

“Absolute embarrassment the “Dickov out” boo boys! Making us look stupid. They don’t speak for me.
Otherwise, it’s been a bloody good game.”

“I think the point is that despite a defeat it sounded like a decent performance – do you call for the manager’s head when the performance has been good?
If the manager ends up moving on it will be because of games like Bradford, not tonight.”

“Good performance from the lads but the manager severely dinted our chances of getting back in if.substituting tyson and coppinger was absolutely disgusting. Time to go”

“Get him f***ing out fans happy with a 3-2 defeat against sheff utd f*** off, any half decent team since Christmas has taken points off is sick of seeing same shite week in week out he’s done nothing to warrant the job get him out.”

“We deserved to win tonight but I thought the tactics poor again.”

“Not sure what’s wrong with the tactics when we’ve scored 2, hit the post and had 2 cleared off the line, away from home against a side with 15-20 points more than us.
They had 3 dangerous attacks and scored 3 goals”

“The only teams we have beat since Christmas are Yeovil, Crewe, Colchester, Crawley, Barnsley (when shit), Coventry any decent team has taken something from us that’s not good enough regardless tonight’s performance.”

“Problems at centre half but we had a good go.
Great performance and glory in defeat.”

“We are a good league 1 club, i shall rephrase that.
We are a very, very good league 1 club.
I dont expect a promotion every season, but i expect to be alot more consistant and challenging every season. Under Penney we landed 10th spot on our first season with basically a league 2 side.
We finished 8th under him on our 2nd season.
It feels to me as though weve chucked seasons of hard work away and gone backwards.
I cant see it ever getting better while mr dickov is in charge.
Can you ?… HONESTLY. One step forward three steps back.”

“Dickov is happy, we lost to a club that have been stuck in league 1 for years. No ambition anymore, back to that small Yorkshire club! “

“We deserved a win tonight but sheff u took the chances. We didn’t, which is why we are sat looking up at them in promotion”

“After all the wishful thinking I think tonight shows how far we still need to go before we can call our selfs a promotion side. Utd had ALL the luck front and back we had McCoombe . Roll on next season hope all the lessens learned and acted upon .”

“Donny outplayed, outfought and outsmarted them. The referee gave Sheffield United the points.”

“McCoombe the refs job easy . We lost to our own inadequacy to defend and keep strong when it mattered . Plug the gaps with solid pros and we’ll walk the league .”

“The best team lost tonight. Still can’t believe we didn’t get anything from the game. I am pretty sure we’ll have a chance to put things right next season because they will not be going up.
The ref must have been paid by them surely. I’ve seen some bad ones before but he takes the biscuit, 100% homer. He should never be allowed to Ref a game ever again!!
Well done lads, best I’ve seen then play in a while.”

“Tonights support from the Rovers fans was fantastic. Home support was embarrassing tonight; much quieter than we are at the Keepmoat.”

“ah we’ll win some ya lose some all Donny ain’t we ? We’ll be playing them next season in league one”

“Best game this season by far. Controlled the game virtually all the way through, robbed of the 3 points”

“Result apart, it was a great game, didn’t deserve to lose and denied a penalty yet again”

“Quality game of football, passionate performance, unlucky to not come away with anything, worth every penny.”

“Brilliant South Yorkshire derby for both teams and 2 world class goals by Bennett. Well played by Rovers team and very unlucky”

“Best performance I’ve seen this season, outplayed sheff Utd all game! Proud of my little pub team tonight”

“Glory in defeat. Proud very proud.”

“Great atmosphere from the guys and gals tonight as well, made 1500 sound like double that. Everyone brought their singing voices!”

“Literally cannot believe Sheff Utd took all 6 points from us, cunts”

“Suprising actually there seems a few decent Sheff Utd fans out there saying we deserved better”

“Not a bad away day, we out played them and deserved atleast a point”

“Must admit great game if you didn’t support either team, it was there for the taking for either team, Sheffield took it”

“Just shows how unlucky we were tonight with all positive comments coming from blades fans. Unlike deluded dingles that are chirping up!”

“Dickov breaks another records: 1st time Doncaster have lost at Bramall Lane in 32 years yet we still made more noise than the librarians who were supporting Sheff Utd… talk about embarrassing support! “

“Season of Ifs, Buts and Maybes.
What if we had the EFFORT we showed tonight for the whole season?”

“The team gave everything they had tonight, just the poor concentration defensively cost us, it could have gone either way, very little between the teams.”

“Little between the teams?
Were you there
It was one way traffic ffs.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “VIEW FROM DONCASTER”
  1. “Tonights support from the Rovers fans was fantastic. Home support was embarrassing tonight; much quieter than we are at the Keepmoat.” …… How many bothered turning up fron Donny? 18 miles away & that’s all they brought now that’s embarrassing.

  2. Yes Donny played fantastic last night but it was far from 1 way traffic, the first was a really good goal against the run of play and we got a deserved equaliser, the second, our second was slightly against the run of play as well and they deservedly scored another worldy, when we got the third the game had levelled out a bit so any one could have got it and then yes last 15 we was under the cosh and we escaped unscathed. About the refs decisions, from were i was sat it looked like a hand ball and a pen but are you forgetting Bywater handling outside the area, if that had been given he would have had to walk and would have been a very dangerous free kick, could have gone either way though, very unlucky donny

  3. Good game ..Doncaster were on top for a lot of the game ..but Blades had the Instinct to win!….thats what champions do. (on an off day!.).all be it they are in 5 th place!..
    they should do well against championship sides if they win the Playoffs .their style suits a better opposition ..ie..Spurs/Southampton/forest/Bristol….
    Loved the Game!…..Blades have class in there….i saw it…

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