Hartlepool 1-1 Blades (Blades win 4-3 on Pens)

“Poor first half with Worley not looking match fit. Changed things in the second half and we looked a lot better, good finish by Fenwick like. “

“plenty of positives tonight…..Bartlett. Worley. Harrison, Carroll.Jones, Hawkins, thought after going 1-0 down and the following 20. mins it was going to be a long night but we grew into it after that and with a bit of luck might have even won it……unlucky.”

“Really enjoyed that tonight, quite a few positives”

“We were hopeless with the 352 formation again, looked much more solid and like we might score after going 442 midway through the first half.”

“Enjoyable game on the whole. “

“Was expecting a hammering after the first twenty minutes………………but thereafter, thoroughly enjoyed it. “

“For the first 20 minutes of the game I feared the worst, but we improved as the game went on”

“1st Half possession stats probably something like 10/90”

“Great second half”

By Roy

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