Blades 2-3 Colchester

“Did not see that coming. Much needed three points.
Perhaps if home games contained as much incident and excitement a few more people would attend .”

“What a game. Two penalty saves by Jones. One then retaken at linesmans bequest. Referee did all he could to conspire a home victory and failed. Elokobi deserved red, but foul was outside area, confirmed on TV replay. Where did six minutes added time come from when no injury delays? Even then, he played eight.
Well deserved victory! “

“We often play better away. Here we out sang 17000 silent bewildered Blades fans for most of the match. I saw the positives of our new signings at Chesterfield. Tonight we were awesome. “

“Don’t you count booing as singing? That’s all I could hear on the radio commentary!”

“When Billy Sharp scored the retaken penalty, it was reported he laughed in the face of Jones – wonder if the classless d’ck is still laughing?”

“Can’t stop grinning”

“Up early for driving lesson absolutely shattered but buzzing !!Instructor may have put up with some colu songs this morning”

“ Well, justice was certainly done last night. Absolutely dominated at times”

By Roy

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