Walsall 1-1 Blades


“Think the dream is over, we’re falling back into the old, old, ways at home again. A bad two points lost today, will come back to haunt us later in the season.
We are now also-rans and must try to consolidate a place in the play off’s leaving the winning of the auto places to the likes of Coventry, Wigan, the Blades, and now possibly Posh and Bury.
Sad indeed but realistic. “

“Realistic my arse we could have been 3-0 at half time with a bit more luck”

“Some great football played today but we just didn’t get it right in the final 3rd”

“Should have won that. Sheff United really are a lucky team.”

“We dominated. Another day we win 3/4-1”

“We hit the bar, hit the post and were by far the better side against a decent SU team who kicked us black and blue with a ref who let it happen. I don’t know what else the team could have done. Absolute class today. “

“We bossed that game and should have won it in the first half.
You can blame luck for the draw on this one, their keeper made some great saves, we hit the bar, and a slip allowed their man to shoot for the goal.
Both keepers were terrific to be fair. Bradshaw again marked by two lumps, but he looked much more like his old self today.A good game, frustrating but we played so well again. Sheff Uniited are hilariously crap. Their fans dont even care either by the sound of it. Absolute hoofball.
People moaning about the ref today, but at least he was consistent, in that he didn’t book anyone and let everything go. Sheff United certainly used this to their advantage.”

“We had an off game in comparison to most of the season so far, Oh, what a bunch of great players they have, probably paid a similar amount to ours who outplayed them at times, great fans too, not deluded in any way, they are a league one team and will be for a long while, they’ll get used to it eventually. (Saying this in the hope they read this….I want them to smile) “

“Sheffield United have some quality in their side, we wasn’t on top of our game today yet we were still unlucky to draw.”

“1-1 v Sheffield United has to be the most predictable football result on the planet, the last 5 games must’ve ended that score?”

“A superb performance today by the team. Ascoreline of 3-0 at half time would have been about right. The reason it wasn’t was not poor shooting but a post,a bar and 2 superb saves by the goalie. Sheff Utd were outplayed but came back hard in the second half which was more even but we still played the best football. Lets hope we can keep this level up…if we do we will keep creating chances and win games. Well done to all. Just one comment on the opposition they were certainly good at falling over and their goal came from a free kick which should never have been given!!!”

“we were fudge ace in the first half and a 2-3 goal lead would have been fully justified. The blunts will be in the top 4 (didnt see Cov but they were much better than Burton/Gills) and showed it by recovering from the footballing lesson we gave them. “

Good performance against a pretty average side.

“We were dominant until we went 1-0 up and then they seemed to up their game. With 2 recent ex-Premiership players in their ranks (Sharp and Sammon) and other decent forward players such as Baxter and Evans, I always felt we needed at least 2 goals to win and so it turned out. Can’t moan about the performance but our luck was just out in the final third. Another day, it could have been about 4 or 5-1.
Still a decent point though against a team who I still think will be top 6 at the end of the season, just on the quality of their forwards.”

“2 points lost.
Should have put the game beyond them when we were on top but paid with a lapse of concentration.
On the positive side it’s great that we have such a good side that these types of games are disappointments rather than us being relieved that we hung on for a draw.”

By Roy

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