Blades 3-0 Oldham

“Outclassed and outfought. The less said about that the better.”

“Very poor first half.Shambolic defending.Better second half but another soft goal.We hit the crossbar but hardly any shots on goal and only a couple of corners.Palmer and Holloway did their best but too many players under performing.Must win games next.Good support deserved better fayre.Sheff were no great shakes and their fans were very quiet even when 2-0 up”

“I ain’t happy.I am pissed off with what I saw “
“deserve much better than that shower today”

“Bad performance but a good day”

“Terrible performance that”

“That was honestly like watching a Dunn side today. Abysmal. So flat. Will pay the rest of the Scoreboard money to release Forte.”

“Dummigan Got no help and was completely battered by Done”

“Holloway was industrious, there centre halves couldn’t handle him, such a pity he had no one to play off. “

“They sussed our formation early on a destroyed it.
We were second to just about everything.”

“We made it far too easy for Sheff U, and definitely made them look more organised than they probably really were”

“Today was a good chance to get at least a point…”

“Exactly. Mid table team on a poor run. I can’t believe how many people are happy to write this game off as one we had no chance in. ”

“On form I thought we should have been good for at least a draw. I’m just not as arsed as I’d normally be given that we’ve got a far more important match in just 3 days time..”

“I’m pretty pissed off we went into a league game with a weakened team.”

“Wouldn’t exactly call it a weakened side. Shez has took a gamble on one player (Liam Kelly) , if he was injured we would face same problem.
Remember a lot of footballers are thick and I wouldn’t trust any to go out and not get booked!!!
If he had of done everyone would be on moaning “why did we play him on the last day before the deadline”

“Hard to see how we beat Blackpool/anyone off the back of that.”

“Dire.I’m not taking a positive from that.”

“That was fucking awful.”

“It wasnt as good as that!!”

“Decent atmosphere to say how poor we were.”

“The football was shit today but that atmosphere for 20 min in 2nd half was something special.”

By Roy

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