Millwall 1-0 Blades


“I’ll take that.”

“Given the state we were in, Harris deserves a medal.”

“Anything for us in the post season is a bonus. Hats off to NH and the team.”

“A gritty and important victory which we ground out against a side that promised a lot but delivered very little.
We started confidently and had a clear game plan against a back three. They looked confident at the back but had little width which we quickly exploited.They came back into it and had a lot of neat play in the middle and some good play down their right. They hit a neat ball inside Martin for the on rushing RM who did not make the best of his cross. Another move saw Fergie on his heels and they did not make the best of their advantage. Connor Salmon was getting some good knock ons and was giving Webster as tough a test as he has faced all season but he was up to the task.For all their possession and territory in the first half Archer did not have one direct save to make.Adkins had clearly given them all a rocket at half time and they came out 2 minutes before us with the sleeves rolled up and looking for action.
They pressed us back from the start and their away support was giving it all they had. Despite better possession and more territory they couldn’t blow our house down. They had corners and free kicks but it wasn’t until 65 minutes that they had their first shot on goal and then it was only a tame header.they got their first meaningful shot on goal after 75 minutes which Archer did well to push it wide for a corner. it was a narrow victory but a deserved outcome. “

“Archer only had one save to make and it was world class !”

“Great result but very poor performance”

“Under the cosh a bot in 2nd half.”

“a typical performance – I think we will make the playoffs but that lack of extra quality might just see us miss out on promotion”

“Fucking great result. First half we were great, second we won dirty.”

“Strange game. Sat deep for whole of second half. But in most areas of the pitch, thought we were far superior and far more likely to score.”

“we really should have been 3 up at HT today”

“Good win, that’s the double over Sheffield United.”

“That’s Sheffield United’s season over on & off the pitch!”

“Done and Basham, it’s like an edition of the beano.”

By Roy

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