Coventry 3-1 Blades


“Isn’t it just heartbreakingly frustrating that after todays results, ad we won at Donny it would have gone to a final game of the season! Arrrrrhh”

“Never a pen!”

“George Thomas got treated far worse all game and awarded nothing, Billy Sharp goes down easy and gets a pen…. Sums up the refs we’ve had this season in league one.”

“Suppose if you Chirp off to the ref all game like Sharp does you’ll soften the ref up for moments like that!
Glad we got 1 over them today “

“Sheff Utd had a chance when it was 1-0 that wasn’t shown. Complete open goal and he put it wide or was there a foul/offside? “

“Wasn’t a foul or offside just put it wide for the goal kick unbelievable miss!
For a good few seconds I thought he had scored but it was disallowed only when they or the ball from out the net behind the goal I realised. “

“I think the player who missed that chance was Che Adams as well who was a youth player here” “Decent performance and result. Did the important thing of scoring early, great goal by Rose. Fortunate that sheff united missed some great chances.” “I was disappointed with Sheffield United who looked second best for the majority of the game. Whether it was nerves, complacency or any other factors, I’m sure that the travelling fans will be seething at their side’s lack of fight”

“I thought their vocal support was poor today considering they bought a good few and it was a must win game to keep their faint hopes alive.”

“Blades fans proper booed their team off at the end. “

By Roy

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