“I fucking hate league one. “

“This shouldn’t be a League One fixture.
We will lose 2-0. “

“I have lost all interest in football, again. You can always rely on Cov to ruin any passion you have left .”

“Tony Mowbray fears throwing Coventry City kids in against ‘big and strong’ Sheffield How many big and strong teams are there in League One would you say? Surely a lot more big and strong ones than not isn’t there?
I do realise we have to show some care, but at what point DO we play these players? Can understand the case with Harries, because physicality in a centre back can be crucial ”

“I sort of agree with him just based on Sheff Utds treatment of Lameiras at their place.”

“Harries would be ruined by sharp. No point in ruining the players mentally at this point.”

“I would pitch the kids in final game tbh but not against Sheff Utd thugs…..would give the loanees a bit of a decent send off and maybe Joe Cole for Ricoh match plus they would bounce more than the kids when they undoubtedly get booted up in the air! Sheffield Utd still have outside chance and they will be fighting tooth and nail…..just don’t think it is the right game to blood the kids….next week a bit of a nothing for both sides so would be great chance to blood the kids!!”

By Roy

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