“I think we’;ve got the hardest run in, we haven’t done well in local derbies this year (have we won one?) “

“If we draw on Saturday it’ll put the blunts out of it & if they did do it, we would have lost our last 2 games & didn’t deserve to go up!!
It’s in the balance & will probably go down to the last game. “  

“The Blades are not good enough to beat anybody by a big score. The only thing we have to beat is the dee dars bogey we seem to have over the years.
Think we will overcome that this week”

“They’ll come at us wth all guns blazing and play a high pressing game right from the start. Keep them out first 20-25 minutes and they’ll be on their players backs. Nick a goal on the break and its curtains for them.”

“This game seems to needle them ? We don’t matter to them etc ? Some good friends on their board ! ROD etc ! But some not worth bothering with SBT is a nutcase ! Nowt against them just another team to play !!! Get ready for the backlash from the nobodies ! Cellar doors are opening as we speak “

“Need our strikers IMO ,Hammil will have lumps kicked out of him every time he gets near ball.
Hope we’ve got a fair ref.”

“Even worst case scenario and we lose Saturday we still would need 2 wins imo against Colchester and wigan to make play offs. And if the blades do beat us they are still a point behind little old barnsley.”

“It needles me if it needles them. I don’t like em. A know nar that the gonna **** ar season up, a can feel it int pit o mi stomach. It still dint put me off buying a ticket earlier today”

“They won’t have fkd our season up ! It’s the games against Sarfend, Shrews, etc that may cause a problem ? We’ve still won a Trophy though if nothing else ! How jealous some opposing fans are getting !! Tut tut how very unsportsmanlike !!”

“It’s their Cup Final ! Some tools on their board reckon winning the JPT would be embarrassing to have on their Roll of Honour ? How sad they entered and got knocked out , put the play off defeats on your roll of honour then Deedahs ! And remove that greasy CHIP off your shoulders ! Bet they are all fired up for Setdi ?”

“Quite honestly I don’t give a DAMM ! Enjoy your biggest game of the season against Yorkshires finest Cup Winners ! ”

“Dee Dars, gave a new meaning to “lock up your daughters””

“Just in time for that old favourite chant to be remembered, you sign rapists we sign Sammy Winnall which I’m sure will get a good airing on Saturday”

“Beating them will be just like when we relegated them. “

“And we definitely relegated them dint we? Even though it had no bearing on the outcome I’m still saying we relegated them. “

“We definitely, indisputably relegated them.”

“ does anyone remember that time they brought 600 to Oakwell under Colin? On a Satdi. At 3pm.” “Was that the same season that Donny brought more away fans to Oakwell than the massive blunts. “

“ Yeah, but that was because they were all busy at the time, protesting about being hard done to or summat.
Might have been after Iain Hume rammed his head into Morgan’s elbow. You know Morgan, blades legend? Not very bright, looks like he smells, proper limited footballer (hence the blades legend thing).
I fcuking detest them.
Can you tell? “

“We’ve won at Wembley. They haven’t.
We’ve won a trophy this year. They last did, in 1952 or summat. We’ve not been in the pub league for 5 years solid despite having the biggest crowds/budget.
We didn’t fcuk up a promotion and massive gap to our neighbours and big rivals, thanks in part to our star player being a bit rapey. We don’t also harp on about re-signing said rapist.
We won the FA Cup at their shithole stadium.
We relegated them, waved them off in 2011. They’ve never recovered.
They could beat us Saturday and it will be celebrated at the time like it’s proper special/important to them. They’ll even bang on about it for a few days online. Their twitterati will come out from beneath their stones for a few days. But give it a while and they’ll go back to pretending they’re bigger/better than us, despite having absolutely nothing on us. Nothing.
They’ve got Jay Maccavelli in defence. And Matty fcuking Done.
Their manager/physio/David Brent impersonator has tonight asked if Barnsley is part of Sheffield.
I can happily admit to disliking them massively. The biggest rival to BFC. This game means everything. What is at stake in this particular encounter adds extra spice to the affair.
I look forward to waltzing into S2 on Saturday, drinking their ale, ignoring their women who look like men and generally being rather smug about being Barnsley, as well as happy to take three points off them. Again.
Put that on your forum, with its fcuking pictures of dem blades legends (CHRIS FCUKING MORGAN, LOL). “

“will we ever play them again” “I was talking to a Blades fan just before Wembley. He said he hopes they stay down so they can have a crack at the JPT, or whatever it’ll be called, next season. They haven’t won at Wembley since the 1925 cup final. He’s in his 60s and wants to see them lift a trophy there while he’s still alive.”

“Best Blunt memoty Got to be just before xmas 96 for the top of the table showdown .
6k travelling reds filling both upper and the lower tiers of the away end .
5 minutes from time ‘ Super Johnny ‘ turns and fires home and sends the travelling reds into grab the bloke sat next to you who you don’t know and dance and embrace each other mode .
Top of the league for xmas , broke up for the holidays and back in tarn for 6 bells .
You know how that night ended .”

“faired a lot better at bramall ln than we have at hillsbro,”

“That game in Dec 96 wi art a shadow of doubt. Pure magic. A still get goosebumps when I see that goal go in and the camera pans to the Reds fans going absolutely mental. One of my best moments as a Reds fan that.”

“Too young for 96. So mine has to be Winnalls header last season. Happy days”

“enjoyed in a different way the 2-2 draw to send them darn to League 1 (they have never got back Mocking the cringeworthy chip buttie song with “Oh Sheffield Utd, You’ve ****ed up again”. Happy Days.”

“Christ, there’s some Neanderthals on that website (S2 Forum). The average IQ must be about 24.
Any neutral reading that website would think they’ve stumbled across Royston Vasey Infants School.
And the irony of calling us in-breds after that city reported the worst case of incest since the Fritzls. “

“They really are obsessed with us aren’t they.
The irony of the matter is that they’re bleating away about how we’ll start plenty of threads regarding it being their cup final, that time we relegated them etc etc, and the funniest thing is, the first thread on the subject of Sheffield United is this one highlighting that they’re talking about us. Oh the irony.”

“Not really , due to their failure in the last few years the deep inferiority complex and character defining obsession with Wednesday has to be temporarily transferred elsewhere …we are it at the moment , as and when Wednesday get really s***e again it’ll be game on.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Barnsley”
  1. dumb imbred fuckers seriously most blades dont give a shit about your lot our rivals are pigs always have always will be leeds kinda others we dont give a shit about if we lose to your on sat then no biggy im sure your will harp on about it more than we would if we beat your besides we have been shit all season and after sat could be 1 point off ya what that say about your

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