Blades 0-0 Barnsley

“How ironic Draw at home to Sheff Utd and go bottom of the league
Draw away to Sheff Utd and go into play-offs. “

“I felt we were the better side technically, but we always are against that lot who still seem to think football’s played in the clouds. But today we matched them physically, and cynically. No inch was given. Each lad gave their all in my opinion, again. Yes, one or two of our forward players weren’t quite at it but we had what looked at the time and what still looks now, a perfectly good goal chalked off for…. I dunno. I’m assuming their player who threw himself to the ground was adjudged to have been tripped. It looks harsh to me. Well, it would do because I can’t see a foul.
At that point in the game we were all over them, without being at our best. It’s a shame we couldn’t get a deserved goal while we were in the ascendancy. United long balled their way back into it a little, as we seemed to be tricked into playing their brand of football. We then saw a good 10 minutes of head tennis, long ball to long ball (both sides), scrapping on the touchlines leading to throw after throw. It became shit as a spectacle.
They did get off a good shot from just outside the box which Davies saved onto the post. Fair play, it was a fine hit with venom. But it was practically the only thing I recall of note from United in the first half, and came totally out of the blue.
Second half was more of an even affair. Again the football on show was turgid. You were looking to your go-to players to pull something off for us but it wasn’t their day on that score. No lack of effort on their part, it just didn’t happen for them. So many crosses were either over-hit or under-hit. Lads were dribbling when a pass/shot/cross was on, and vice versa.
The effort was there throughout. In spades. And the back four to a man stood up to everything dem blades had to offer. Which wasn’t much on the face of it. But we’ve all seen Fat Billy con refs or foul his way through in the past. Not today. I’m guessing he’s still in Robbo’s pocket now. I was going to try not to single players out negatively or positively, because it’s a team effort. Not just today, but since we drew with these wallies in November. They’ve made us proud. To a man. But I have to give special praise to Robbo and Scowen. Unfair on a few others I know. But their displays HAD TO be that good today. That was the only way United were getting owt. Down the left with Matty Don’t or chucked into Sharp to do his cynical shit on the edge/in the box. Scowen and Robbo nullified all that. They kept on hitting that diagonal into Josh’s area, and every time but once (when Robbo bailed him out) he bossed the situation. Terrific fcuking little basterd he is. I’ve missed him.
I think we edged a scrappy local derby, but I’m not going to complain about the result. Other than the wrongly disallowed goal, we didn’t do enough to win it I’m afraid. But we were never losing it. Another point, another clean sheet, another step closer to extending this mental season.”

“I thought they were supposed to be a in form team didn’t look it could have still been playing now and I doubt they would have scored”

“I was a little worried before the game but once it started it became obvious that they had nothing to hurt our imperious back four with and we just needed some more composure and sharpness in the final third to have won it comfortably.”

“I didn’t think we would score either but how defence is the best I’ve seen since getting my first season ticket in 1994”

“Even when they hit the post and when they had one cleared off the line?”

“Our keeper palmed a shot it onto the post, and only one I can think of that was cleared was actually 3 yards away from the goal line.
I too never felt they would score today.”

“Not much in it and was only going to be one goal in it if somebody was going to win.”
“That’s my honest opinion on this bunch of no marks. We’re in the play offs and they’re not. I would give a **** but they’re a bunch of nobodies so all I can say is eieieieo”

“Their forum is awash with some right old guff. Not sure how they find the time when there’s all that incest they have to get on with, but I suppose with the extra fingers, it makes typing a little quicker.
This one my current favourite;
“So a poor Barnsley side rock up for the only away game of the season that they actually take fans to, have virtually zero shots on target and escape with a point.
Much like Gillingham we really should have won this, without playing anywhere near as well as we did in that game.
Pretty much sums up our season, just lacking enough quality to put average sides to the sword.
They celebrated liked they’d won another nothing cup that no one cares about and our play off hopes are all but finished.
A bit of a limp way for things to fizzle out
and both teams will most certainly be battling it out in this league against this season.”
Virtually zero. Or ‘three’ as it’s known in the real world.”

“We were the better team. End of.”

“Hardly celebrated just stayed till the final Wistle and clapped the players off dem blades should take note”

“They have no class.”

“they’re the biggest wet wipe supporters known to man, a club and fanbase with no morals, who the entire country laugh at, then why the chuff would you expect to read sense on their shite forums?
We were the better side today, just lacked quality in terms of a finish/final ball etc. Although that goal being chalked off looks iffy. But hey ho. We’re in the playoffs. Dem bitter blades aren’t. And they didn’t win a trophy at Wembley. The one they mock, the competition they were involved in. Fcuking piss ants, the lot of em.”

“Thyre style of play was lump it forward at every opportunity….. Food and drink for Roberts and Mawson!
We should have won that today with a bit more composure in front of goal.”

“Hard to be composed when we were lumping it forward at every attempt and which we have been doing for several games now.”

“’Sheffield United’ and ‘style’ don’t belong in the same sentence :-)” “Not sure you could call it a style other than ‘agricultural’.”

“It wasn’t pretty at times but we were the better team and should have won…. “

“To be fair we seem to adopting the long ball approach all too often as well. Countless balls on Tuesday and today hoisted up towards the front two. We always look better when we gt it down and play.”

“Blunts were nowt special , i couldn’t believe they didn’t chance their arm more in the last 20 minutes given they had to win the game , I was expecting to catch them on the break but it never happened , maybe they respected us too much to throw caution to the wind knowing full well we’d have capitalised but none the less their seasons done and dusted , I’ll try and live with it .
Talking to a few blades in the boozer after the game who were quite complementary on our season and rated our defence highly .
Sad to see both supporters having a toe to toe on the way back to the city centre , got quite nasty and not a copper in sight , WTF , kids and women around , not good .”

By Roy

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