“First 20-25 mins they were really all over us and you had about 4 chances to score and didn’t, we then scored and the game sort of petered out after that. Think they had 3 chances skim across the face of the goal but no one was following up, we looked a bit scred at first but came back into the game. Fair result would hav ebeen a draw but i’ll take the win with thanks “

“The ball ran across our area a couple of times but apart from the weak header by Clarke about 10 minutes in I don’t recall these clear cut chances folk are talking about. Did Howard have a difficult save to make? Pratleys 2 efforts were the nearest to a 2nd goal “#

“Clarke should have buried that header”

“looked harder to miss behind the goal. Drifted in between Moxey and Beevers with acres to spare. “

“Howard was good”

“They cut the ball across our goal 3 times, minimum. That no-one connected was amazing. last year a couple of those would have gone in. For that period were not in control at all.”

“Thought first 20 were ropey. We looked a bit like last season. Couldn’t keep the ball and seemed like they were going through us at will.
Just about hung in there and it allowed Parkinson to tweak a few things.
From there I thought we looked every bit the organised, pragmatic, disciplined outfit I’d hope we would finally be.”

“Their keeper made the only save of the game.”

“Could easily have been 3 down by 25m in. But after that we pulled back up to speed. A bit of fortune maybe, but better organised than last year and some determination I’ve not been used to seeing of late.”

“That was a hardworking performance today. First 25 minutes we didn’t look too good defensively, Sheffield United looked very bright and had at least 3 clear cut chances to score. As soon as we scored though, and what a belting volley that was by Spearing, I felt Sheffield United didn’t have too much to offer. Overall we deserved that win “

“sheffield were all over us at the end”

“Held on comfortably, They didn’t cause too many problems”
“Great result, not the best of performances though. Great atmosphere”

“I thought we were fantastic today. Workman like, tough and hard to beat. Three points and a clean sheet! Oh and what an atmosphere!”

“1-0 to the shit support”

“**BREAKING NEWS** Despite the 1-0 win, the Football League are handing Sheff Utd the points as they nearly sold out the away end” “Clean sheet for the ‘worst goalkeeper in the world’ 0 pts for bringing 46,000 fans Where’s the justice, eh lads?”

“Not a nice trip home for the 367 million Sheffield United fans”

“Great to see the 12.4 million #SUFC fans protesting about tickets prices with a sponsored silence against #BWFC today!”

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