Blades 1-2 Crewe

“Football eh! All I could see from the first three games was L L L. Now I am thinking could we possibly get a result last night”

“We really did deserve that”

“great result and great credit for the fight back. “

“I still can’t stop smiling and laughing to myself every now and then over last night. What a fucking turn around”

“So who’s still high from last night? And i mean the drug of Crewe Alexandra”

“The best statistic (apart from winning) was that Crewe won more corners than Sheffield Utd! Well done lads.”

“Rivals Cov in the JPT as best away cup win I’ve been to.”

“Give Ryan Lowe a knighthood”

“9th August is a national holiday dedicated to Ryan Lowe”

“Are we… dare I say it… a GOOD football team? “

“Not sure I can cope with this mentally. May need counselling to come to terms with this, when did we last won a cup game? “

By Roy

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