Blades 2-0 Oldham

“Get rid of the manager clueless”

“Tell Robinson i’m going to murder his children” “You really are a fucking embarrassment to the Human Race! #notinmyname”

“Personal insults against the manager’s family. Never, ever is that necessary. We really do have some bellend fans”

“utterly disgraceful and completely uncalled for. Hope the Police pick the idiot up very soon.” “is it true this club are re- branding from Oldham athletic to Oldham nil ? “
“Oldham Pathetic would be quite apt. Or Parlytics as my dad used to call ’em. “

“Ah well we lasted to 72 minutes”

“2-0 defeat, good result, the very best we could hope for, I feared 3 or 4, with no chance of us scoring obviously.”

“We are now describing a 2-0 loss in our own division as a good result…”

“Much better performance that, players looked like they wanted the ball and were willing to try a pass or a run. The result was about fair but we turned up”

“We looked good in patches and matched them first half. Didn’t create much.
Flynn had a decent game along with law. Strikers were busy but struggled with negative and lack of support second half”

“First half I would agree with that. Second half only one team wanted it”

“Good effort in first half but usual story of zero threat in second. Arguments about their 2nd irrelevant – we wouldn’t have equalised”

“the refs were shit for us, but they aren’t the reason we can’t score at the other end of the pitch”

“We were never going to get anything today. Second half was a shocker though”

“Chris wilder being quite critical of Oldham on radio saying we don’t turn up every week and suprised we did this week… can’t argue”

“They were bang average for over 70mins. They may finally escape Lge1 by being less shit than usual!”

“Score some goals you shower of bastards”

“They’re another L1 team, no better than that but it’s another L1 team we didn’t look like scoring against”

“Meltdown. now we all wanted to win but let’s be honest it’s sheff united basically top of the table”

“Love Billy Sharp but not today!”

“If we had Billy Sharp then we would have won today”

“I despise Sheffield United more than any team in the league – I wouldnt sit amongst them whilst they break into that bastard chip butty song.”

“It wouldn’t have been difficult to stay stum in the home end.”

“A bit strange, not getting cash in hand on the turnstiles, from the supporters of a club, that  apparently,doesn’t hand over the ticket money for the away tickets sold. Priceless”

“Just confirmed with Sheff Utd ticket office. South Yorkshire Police told them they’re not allowed to sell tickets to away fans on the day. Home fans can pay on the day. So it seems the police would prefer to have away fans mixed in with the home fans rather than safe and happy in our own section. Ridiculous. You would have though Sheffield police would have learnt a few things from Hillsborough – or maybe this is what they learnt...”

By Roy

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