“Could do with him but at the same time we need some wiggle room to get some real hard hitting battlers with a huge workrate to dig us out of this mess. His and liddles wages would free up £3-4K a week to do that”

“Jayo has been a good servant to the club and scored some important goals. If he leaves, I wish him all the best, though I think he will struggle to establish a first team spot at Bramall Lane.”

“From Jay O’s point of view (or any other player) I wouldn’t have thought it would matter as long as they got away from here. He will pick up a move that will suit him away from rammel lane no problem, and just use this as an escape route from outa here.. and who could blame him?”

“It would be interesting to see a poll on what does the average player yearn for, regular appearances in league one, or bench warming with the chance to get on the pitch in the Championship but on much higher wages.
Judging by the talent sat with splinters in their backsides each week, I would say it’s the money (along with the perennial hope that ‘if I just get my chance’) that counts more than anything.”

“Wilder knows what Jayo can do. A few duff performances while the whole team are playing badly wont prejudice the outcome.”

“I can’t possibly see how Jay O leaving would do anything other than further reduce our chances of survival. He’s one of our few goalscorers”

“Not good enough for The Championship but he’s decent in L1”

“Please say this isn’t true”

“I don’t think it’s very professional CW talking about another clubs player until deals done”

“Worst midfield in ages yet all of them are linked with other clubs, Liddle, Ariyibi, Nolan and O’Shea”

“Talking to a few Utd fans, they dont think they need a player like O’Shea now and would be surplus next season when they are in the Championship too”

“Same as any so called big team that comes in for one of our players. They are vital to us, just squad players to them.
O’Shea has been here 4 years and will probably think at 28 if he doesn’t go to a big club now he will be stuck at somewhere like this for his career, which would be a shame for a player of his talent.”

“O’Shea was poor on Saturday and if he doesn’t want to be here I see no issue with offloading him and using his wage for someone who does want to play for us”

“normally has 1 good game in 6 . Very talented player but cant put it together on a consistent basis”

“I maybe in the minority here…but O’Shea is my favourite player & way & above our most talented. He is a typical match winning player……never get a brilliant 90 minutes, but then a flash of genius wins us the game in a matter of minutes.
We can say on many occasions over the seasons where he has been pivotal & scored in crucial games…..he will be a big loss in my view….Remember Burton, Yeovil, Scunthorpe etc etc”

“O’Shea is surplus to requirements here. Far too inconsistent. Anonymous on too many occasions.
Would have been nice to get a fee, but if his wage gets us a player who suits the way we want to play and will give 100% then it’s still a good result for us in the relegation fight.””An enigma of a player technically gifted, brilliant some days , some days a waste of a shirt.
I can only see Wilder using him as Cook did an impact sub rather than a regular.
Good luck to him””They will be expecting promotion and he’s unlikely to make it in championship. I suspect this is more of a squad bolstering exercise for them.
Good move for all parties ”

“i am a big admirer of the footballing talents of o’shea, however, it is often difficult to accomodate him unless he operates in the number 10 position and that requires the right number 9 and the others around him, he fit perfectly with Doyle, Roberts etc. played as a winger i think he’s far less effective, also i don’t do many aways but i often find myself reading on here how dissapointing he is away from home”

“He’s been a great servant to the club and has created some great memories for us (2-0 win at Burton to seal promotion), but he’s very inconsistent and he doesn’t seem to be the sort of player that Caldwell wants.”

“We don’t need “men of straw” in our situation. He’ll do well for them as long as they keep winning, possibly in cameo roles
Hopefully we’ll get someone in who isn’t scared of a tackle or of heading the ball”

“Last January people were saying we should sell morsy because he would go for nothing in the summer – we got liddle instead ! Good luck with getting someone better than O’Shea , November player of the month nominee .a blade I know used to gloat that we were their feeder club -perhaps he’s right, going on loan just increases the insult .”

By Roy

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