Blades 0-1 Norwich


“F***ing great to see a battling win like that. Fully deserved. Ref poor as kio said, but then he did send off the blades manager…….”

“That was an excellent team performance. Another clean sheet and 3 more points. There was a fair amount of intimidation going on, ignored by the usual poor standard of refereeing. A potential penalty when Husband was smacked in the face, after a great run into the penalty area again ignored. 6 minutes of extra time? What was that about, then he overran that, while the yobs were chucking objects (bottles) at Gunn on the pitch. Rant over. Well done City. “

“Not exactly champagne football but in flashes we showed we are capable of playing really attractive football.
This was absolute epitome of what a decent Championship side do away from home. We were resolute under a barrage of pressure, looked dangerous on the break and I have to say we certainly learned a lesson from Burton’s gamesmanship. We were timewasting all over the place for entire second half.
Gunn only really had to make one save that was more than routine but that one was a brilliant stop.
Defence looked rock solid. Everybody put their bodies on the line to make blocks at some point. Pretty dominant in the air and have learned what row Z means. Overall a solid display. I feared the worst and am leaving ecstatic. Really entertaining game albeit scrappy.
Ref and linesman were atrocious. Really really poor. Lost control.”

“Unfortunately poor refs are the norm in this league.”

“To be fair I thought he was poor both ways. I felt we got stitched more than they did, but they were denied a clear corner amongst other bits that went our way. The ref missed 3 off the ball incidents, what appeared to be an elbow on Stiepermann, the penalty and that was just for us, he gave some ridiculous free kicks for blatant dives, let Gunn timewaste for hours, and just generally totally lost control.” “Really good result, although i’m sure some will say we should be beating newly promoted teams anyway”

“Wilder said Norwich didn’t show his team respect. Respect? You’re #sufc not Barcelona, you got done get over it”

“Burton did it to us, we did it to them. We won, they lost – move on.”

“Must be a good deal on sour grapes up in Sheffield, they take defeat so well from the manager through to the fans, what a classy bunch of…”

“Utterly embarrassing from Chris Wilder. He needs to reflect on how badly he has come across”

“Bee in his bonnet, like a fair number of Sheffield Utd fans. Can hardly string a proper sentence together.”

“Mark Rivers called it right in commentary, just an angry little man. Or what I like to call a cunt!!”

“Always preferred Wednesday anyway! Minority of Sheff Utd fans let their club down today.”

“Little club can’t handle a defeat”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Norwich”
  1. “easy” lols .credit for getting the goal and parking the bus.Gunn only made one save…. again credit for parking the bus. Always preferred Wednesday anyway ….lols.Ouch that hurts……not. Little club that can’t handle defeat……lols

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