“They were expecting to hammer us, Sky were expecting them to hammer us, the bookies were expecting them to hammer us and a vocal crowd on here have been expecting the same. The main basis for the theory was our inability to keep a clean sheet and the lack of fight and togetherness in contrast to their pashun. We went there to do a job and we delivered and again, like last time, could have nicked it.  The celebration after Dawson saved the penalty showed everyone all you need to know re. how together the players being picked are in contrast to snidey threads started by our own so called supporters just minutes before kick off. Wilder’s face following that of Billy’s showed you who the winners were tonight and for all their possesion they had a dodgy penalty and not much else to show in terms of clearcut chances. It could be argued that Fox had and missed a better opportunity and Matias wasn’t far from giving us the perfect evening. We are powerful – Chris said so but he wasn’t delighted and they dominated at arms length whilst we defended and got stuck in all night like fuckingwarriors.”

“Dem bottling Blayads strike again.”

“Bitter Blunt Billy Hahahahahahahahaha”

“Chuffed to see Wilder really annoyed they didn’t win but pretending it was all about the performance and he wouldn’t want to be in our dressing room and his players aren’t on 40 grand a week and he really was very, very happy which we all know he wasn’t. That was good to see. “

“Jos out thought Wilder. The players worked hard.”

“When it comes to the crunch, they are, they always will be, and will never stop being w@nk”

“Sheff U define themselves by derbies. We define ourselves by trophies”

“People laughing at the blades cos hey couldnt beat us. calling them bottlers. Look at yourselves. Everyone who watched that game knows our biggest rivals, and an absolutely nothing club, are miles and miles ahead of us “ “I cannot believe that performance. Its not their fault. They’re not very good. What are we as a club.  Did we even have 20% possession. Couldn’t even make a sub and try and win the game. Celebrating that draw on the pitch after that performance. Against Sheffield United? They’re a nothing team, a nothing club, they’e absolutely nothing. We looked like we couldn’t even set up properly at professional level. It was like watching bullying out there, almost like abuse, it was difficult to watch. They have no right to be footballers them lot. I’ve never been so embarrassed. Shameful. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. “

“At kick off I’d have taken a 0-0 for sure as I thought we’d get smashed.  But it on full time fans around me were punching the air and hugging. Hang on. We’re not Rotherham. We’re not Chesterfield. We’re not Doncaster. We’re not Sheffield United.  We’re the oldest, best supported and most successful team in Sheffield and we played for a nil-nil and then celebrated when we got one.  We didn’t try to attack and we only brought on one sub who could make a difference. Should we accept this? Shoukd we celebrate this?”

“They are Significantly better than us.”

“Is it really out thinking an opponent to pick 8/11 naturally defensive minded players and camping on your six years box all match. Anyone can do that and have a chance of a clean sheet.  We’re Sheffield Wednesday!”

“Think this was a wake up call for some of our deluded fans. To see how the mighty have fallen.”

“Last year he looked like his world had ended. His ego will again be bruised, the legend in his own living room once again failed to overcome a team out of sorts and short on resources. They played Ok, but that was it.”

“ At least Warnock was funny. It’s class, because despite how good they are, they still won’t go up”

“They played really well… but he should be ashamed that he couldn’t even get his team to score against our lot”

“Wish I was more articulate so I could explain my emotions right now. But I’m embarrassed.   At kick off I’d have taken a 0-0 for sure as I thought we’d get smashed.   But it on full time fans around me were punching the air and hugging. Hang on. We’re not Rotherham. We’re not Chesterfield. We’re not Doncaster. We’re not Sheffield United.  We’re the oldest, best supported and most successful team in Sheffield and we played for a nil-nil and then celebrated when we got one.  We didn’t try to attack and we only brought on one sub who could make a difference. Should we accept this? Shoukd we celebrate this? “

“we are in an absolute state, kids low on confidence, and we’ve gone away to Real United and kept a clean sheet. Don’t be deluded they are a far better side than us currently, this is a great point.”

“Shows how far the bar has fallen. Ok, a draw away in a derby is a decent result, but to be fair we’ve been hammered in all but result, while accepting results obviously important wasn’t great. I’ve watched my team play 9 in defence, spending most of the game in our own 18 yard box, hardly venturing into the opposition half, never mind carrying a genuine goal threat”

“We’ve taken a point at Rammel Lane, when we’re down to the bare bones of options. This’ll be a massive confidence boost for the squad. Matias and FF coming back in will fuel the momentum. Embarrassing for the Blunts more than anything.”

“This Season United are in the ascendancy  while we are waiting out FFP. In that context, we should be happy with the defensive performance a least, when we are away from home. “

“Apart from the penalty blunts did very little in last 3rd. Jos out thought Wilder. The players worked hard.”

“We’re awful, so a point is better than I expected. Resilience is the only praise I have for our team tonight. “

“We achieved what we set out to do tonight. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t ambitious, it wasn’t positive but it did get us a clean sheet and a point away from home against the second placed team in the division. The fact that it was The Blunts and they’ve dropped points is also welcome.”

“Hinchciffe said United were the best Championship team he’s seen this season especially in the first half and they way they play is better to watch than half the Premier League. United did look good at times but I thought he was a bit over the top. “

“Hinchcliffe: The Blunts play better football than most of the teams in the premier league.WHO HURT YOU ANDY? Embarrassing yourself every single week struggling to carry that biiiiiiig, big chip “

“Can’t deny I feel relieved that we avoided a beating and stopped the rot, but that was the performance of a side looking to get a replay in  a cup tie.”

“What do you expect him to say? The regression we’ve shown the past 18 months cannot be spoken of positively.”

“Never (even as a neutral) have I seen such a one sided game. I don’t we’ve even passed it between ourselves for longer than 10 seconds. This is Sheffield United, not bleeding Barcelona, it reminds me of when we went to Man City in the cup few years back and I don’t think we saw any of the ball Its disgraceful. Two teams in the same league. Is this how far we’ve sunk, that we can’t even give thr pigs any sort of a game?”

“ I can’t abide by any Wednesday fan who thinks this is tolerable. Will still be embarrassed if we happened to win”

“Agree we are bobaar it’s soul destroying united team is flipping Scottish second division apart from a couple of players the difference is the managers”

“ This is the championship where all teams are of similar quality. Do you think any other team in the league would set up like this, of course they wouldn’t, and even with fletcher bannan reach”

“Over a 3rd of the way into the season. We shouldn’t have to be playing like this.

“Jos doesn’t set teams up to attack for 90 minutes – we already knew this.  Missing our main flair players from the off in Matias and FF. Other teams (with more quality than us) have gone to the Lane this season and been taken apart for trying to play attacking football.  They aren’t 3rd in the league because they are cack mate, regardless of what you may want to try and make yourself believe.  Take it for what it is – a decent point at at a difficult ground and team to play against.”

“its the pigs ffs not Man City  edna Stevens mark duffy.ffs we are not playing to our potential “

“Think that performance was about as good as we could have expected. Got away with it tonight if we are honest”

“Great that we kept our first clean sheet but that was a terrible performance. It isn’t just tonight the majority of the season has been negative. Jos needs to go ASAP”

“Over the past twenty years we’ve probably had a season and a half’s worth of playing attractive attacking football. That, and the fact an ultra defensive, often desperate, no score draw against the pigs is seen as a good result truly saddens me.”

“if That’s as much as we can get motivated to play in the game against Our Local derby God help us against any other team we sat back for the full 90 minutes that was the plan. the manager sat in the dugout rocking Fearing for his job.we cannot paper over the cracks with that  performance if fellow Owls are satisfy With this You are too easily pleased sack him Dc before its to late”

“ Probably the most excruciating match I’ve watched. “

“We’ve respected United so much tonight that a 1-0 win for them would’ve felt like 4 or 5. We’ve literally waved the white flag tonight and they took pity on us, it was pathetic.”

“It was awful, painful to watch at times, but come on that’s a good result. Credit to the back5 and keeper. Have to try and be positive from here on in. First clean sheet,couple of attacking players back.”

“0-0 away from home against a team flying I is a good RESULT but there was nothing encouraging about the fact we we were completelt dominated, could have played all night and not scored, and couldn’t string 3 passes together in the other half of the pitch. “

“On the face of it 0-0 written on a piece of paper does look like a great result when you consider the form guide. But, it wasn’t a 0-0 where the clean sheet is a building block. It was a 0-0 brought about by pure negativity with zero flow. There’s nothing I’ve seen tonight that we can transfer into the next game. It was a night of complete one offs.”

“Some people may be happy with what they have seen tonight, but i may have watched a different game to the commentators or some fans,but i have NEVER  in nearly 40 years of watching Sheffield derby’s seen us so dominated by THEM.”

“We were rubbish. Anyone suggesting otherwise is wearing blue and white tinted specs but…. I’d have taken a draw beforehand and I’ll take it as a result now. Well in young Cam Dawson, clean sheet and excellent peno save.”

“Some fans are happy with a clean sheet and being battered for 90 minutes….. Is this what SWFC has come too? A team performance but please…..celebrating clean sheets is a joke. “

“Keeping them under 4 at our place is year on year improvement. “

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