“We can’t beat Sheff Utd. There are no teams, realistically, that we look like we would beat.”

“Play five across the back, stifle the opposition and try to nick a goal on the break or from a set piece – almost the perfect away performance. Oh, hang on… we were at home. Against Sheffield Utd. FFS”

“No way can anyone consider that a good result.”

“That was the game we had to win.
And we didn’t even try to win it.
Two errors which we inexplicably failed to punish and created next to nothing else. “

“We had enough chances to win, but didn’t deserve any more than a draw”

“kept looking at the scoreboard to check how much closer we are to the end of the game. Boring and dull that had an end of season feel about it. Also, I haven’t seen the stats yet, but I swear Sheff Utd had the ball a crap ton more than we did, I thought we were the home side?”

“didn’t think it could get any worse but it just did
Lets just forfeit this season, **** off for 8 months and start again in the championship”

“Christ, we’re so going down this season.”

“An enjoyable and exciting game of League Two hoofball”

“We needed a win today to give us any chance of building a run and getting out of our predicament. There are not enough “winnable” games left for us to accomplish the 39 odd points we will need to stay up and moreover, it doesn’t look like we’re even close to being able to put together the sort of run needed to dig ourselves out of the bottom 3. If anything, it looks like we are becoming more and more accustomed to being relegated. The players today, with the way they played and their co-ordinated lack of belief certainly looked every inch a team on their way down.
There is no way we aren’t going down. If there are any odds available on relegation, I would stake a sizeable sum. It would be printing money. This side is doomed.”

“Sitting back and giving the Blades the advantage won’t cut it as they will also be in the relegation battle”

“We should’ve won that. They didn’t create much. Clean sheet at least. 4th bottom still achievable. Bring on the next game. I’ve not given up hope. It’s too early.”

“Wasn’t that bad a performance to be honest. On another day it’s 3-0. Sheff Utd tidy but never looked like actually scoring.”

“We kept a clean sheet. They didn’t really have any chances, we had three absolutely gift wrapped ones. I understand us keeping it tight and just trying not to concede. Those are the positives at least.”

“Clean sheet and Sheff Utd didn’t look like scoring were positive”

“More solid at the back, which was a plus point, but against a team that probably came for a point.”

“I look forward to the “good point” crap, as we now head into our ninth game of the season without a win, having also just failed to beat a newly promoted team at home, who dominated possession against us, and in which we had 2 ****ing shots on target the entire game.
Just pathetic. I despise this group of players. Useless, spineless s**t bags the lot of them.”

“Watford fans do love a point though. Always take a point, even against average newly promoted sides at home.”

“I’m not content with a horrendous, lifeless draw at home to Sheffield United, in our eighth game in a row that we’ve failed to, you know, WIN in.”

“I’m normally positive but that was a ******* horrific performance. We only kept a clean sheet because we gave up all attempts to be any sort of attacking side, and sheffield united had two terrible strikers up top”

“Sheff United have some rubbish strikers they will be in trouble at some point”

“Norwich, Villa, Newcastle and Sheff utd prob wont set a very high target. We’re 2 wins behind schedule.
Deeney is the answer. “

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