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“This is a must win game”

“Have to get 3 points here.”

“Just noticed they will play Monday, Thursday and Monday. 3 games in 8 days for the first week of the season .Welcome back”

“This is a really good opportunity to start the season with a win, especially when you think we play Fulham the week after. We could potentially get 6 points from the first two games. I’m not going to predict a win though, we’ll have to see how it pans out”

“We should win, but I said that about 38 times last season “

“Sheffield were abysmal against the Dingles in the opening round. Will they ‘do an Ipswich’ by over-achieving in their first season and morphing into relegation fodder this time around?

“One things for sure. Sheff Utd didnt look great against WolvesCan you imagine the uproar on here if we went into a season with McGoldrick, McBurnie and Sharp as our strikers?”

“I think Sheff U will struggle this season and anything less than 3 points is disappointing”

“I don’t think Sheffield are going to have a good season at all, winning this one could be key come the end of the season if we do end up in a battle down there again.”

“We need to beat teams like Sheff Utd. No doubt they will be around the bottom 3 this season”

“ As I said at the time, Sheffield aren’t very good. They do put in energetic performances, apply pressure, but we should be able to cope. “

“Sheffield United are not the same proposition they were when riding on the crest of their promotion wave before lockdown. They were pretty poor after the restart and haven’t really bought anything worthy of naming. To the point Wilder is pointing fingers as to how unfair it is that we can pay what we did for Watkins.”

“This is the financial fair play problem playing out in our favour for once. Their wage bill is destructively too small and they can barely increase it year on year because it is so small. We came up for a large wage bill by Championship standards, increased it significantly last season and now that gives us even greater breadth to increase it again this season.
The rules are a complete joke, and it may be unfair but we’re also operating within the bounds of what we’re allowed to do. We can’t compete with Everton, Shef Utd can’t compete with us, its a funny old game. “

“The thing about them is they need everyone to be right on it for the whole thing to come together. No disrespect to them but they are a team that are greater than the sum of its parts. The danger for this kind of team is that it only takes 1 or 2 to not work as hard or as diligently as they did last season and the whole thing falls apart. See it in sport the whole time when a team has had a good season. Ego. Complacency. It’s dangerous. Infects a place.”

“I think Sheff Utd will be fighting relegation this season, although they look the well drilled, organised type that will survive. They looked poor against Wolves, but I can’t say I was too impressed with us last night either (obviously will be a different midfield on Monday).
Should be a tight game and no doubt they will be looking to kick Jack up in the air from the first whistle.”

“Part of me thinks they massively over achieved last season and they’ll now find their level in the bottom 6.
But on the other hand they do seem to have that never give up mentality. “

“If we keep things tight as we did after lockdown we can stop them scoring. We have enough now to score against them. good chance of a win.
Hope DS remembers to drill it into them what to do after they put their boots on. Sheffield will try for an early goal and if we’re not tight they will get one.”

“Got to be at them, and also not relax at any point. Despite them losing the other day, they never let their heads drop v Wolves and did keep trying. “

“I think we are in danger of talking Sheff Utd down. I’ll be ready for a tough, close game with a single goal between us.”

“I dont think they’ll fall any further than 14th I see them landing in and around 12th-14th places and pretty much being a fairly consistent figure in those 3 positions.”

“It’ll be a tough game, as Wilder will have them riled up as this is a key game as silly as it sounds with a team that will probably be around us, and the goal that wasn’t debacle last season. “

“Sky will be licking their lips for justice to be done after the blunted Blades missed out on the Ghost Goal of the century in our last meeting at Villa Park.”

“Do Wednesday fans get pissed off when other clubs fans call United, Sheffield? “

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