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“Red card and missed penalty completely changed the match. Our performance was poor enough. McGinn and Trez very poor. Could have, and should have, been 3-0.
That said, fantastic result. Onwards.”

“An undeserved win, I thought Sheffield united did enough earn a draw.”

“3 points is 3 points but this was very much how it looked last season and that is worrying.”

“Three points is fantastic.
Performance was horrible. Absolute shite.”

“10 men for entire game and yet again we create absolute bobbins from open play. We are turgid.”

“10 men that barely left their own box and was the 4th best defence in the league last season. “

“78 minutes against one of the poorest sides with 10 men we should have had a hatfull! Absolute garbage. God help us against a decent team with 11 men!”

“WTF! They were top ten team last season and one of the most organised. Surely you are trolling. Different game against 11 men, doesn’t mean we’d be worse.
Bizarre comment!”

“this was a piss poor , boring and extremely lucky start, there was nothing satisfactory about it.. Would rather we played our hearts out , created chances and excitement but lost than have to watch that shite all season.”


“Yes, it’s terrible when we win against a very good Sheffield team.”

“Atrocious game of football. Who cares though, Spurs started slowly too and look what they did yesterday.”

“They are a tough tough side to break down in that situation. Plenty of teams will struggle to work through that banked defence.
We got the job done.”

“Played poor and won. Thank you that will do, especially our first game, we may have f*ckd that up last season.
Sheffield a tricky team. Dean needs to coach 11 vs 10.
We do need new players though”

“you have to give credit to them as they defended really well and allowed us no space.”

“We will be better when we get more attack minded players in, simple as that.”

“Shows we still need some quality brought in”

“Not the prettiest, but best performance from a team a week behind so far. Don’t forget how tough it is to break down 10 men, especially a big organised side like SU, many top teams also struggle under those circumstances. “

“Shef Utd are difficult to break down as it is , with 10 men even more so as you literally have nothing to counter attack against.”

“we looked better for first 12 when they had 11 but as soon as they went all out defence their defensive prowess showed as they won everything in the box.
such a well drilled team.”

“Very pleased with that to clear out the cobwebs against a stubborn and very well organised Sheffield United.”

“First game back is always going to be a challenge, especially against a side like Sheffield United, who are hard to break down, very organised from the defensive line moving up the pitch. Still an ugly side to play against.”

“once they went down to ten men they just formed up and dug in which is our worst nightmare as we’re not a slick pass and move team.
Delighted with the three points, thought both the red card and sending off were soft as shit.”

“You can only really judge that performance on the 12 minutes before the sending off, where we looked good and moved the ball quickly resulting in them having a man sent off.
After that it wasn’t so much park the bus as put wheel clamps on it and fill it with cement. The only space was in front of their 8-man defence so it was hard to do much beyond pass it sideways.
A good result against a defensively resolute side who will give everything to protect their goal.”

“Great start to the season, three points and a clean sheet. We weren’t at our best today, but for the first game back that was fine for me. I expect us to sharpen up as we shake of the rust, but I saw plenty of positives there for us to build on.”

“We were all over them, red card or not we absolutely dominated them throughout the game and looked like the only team who would win. Plenty of positives, nearly all players had good games”

“Comfortably the better team, even before their (harsh!) red card, and a fully deserved three pointer. “

“Attack against defense against one of the best organised teams in the country for 80 mins.”

“Sheffield United defended like trojans, I’m not sure why anybody was expecting us to tear them apart after the red card because if they are known for one thing then it’s for being extremely organised. Penalty aside (and it was at most a “seen em given” level award) we looked comfortable.”

“Last season we would have not got 3 pts for this”

“I get people’s frustrations, but we would have lost this game last season”

“Chris Wilder does a great looking miserable. Love seeing it. This time last season they’d have won comfortably.”

“What are people complaining about? A win, a clean sheet, and good performances from all our new signings, and all of this after being a game behind. Yes, we looked toothless at times, but come on, that was a triple-decker parked bus by one of the most organized teams in the league. Look at their starting XI…would any of them get into ours? The reason they finished so high in the league last year is because of their organization, which was already going to be hard to break down when they didn’t have 10 in the box. Let’s just be happy about the result!”

“It has to be said that Sheffield came to spoil the game even before they had a man sent off. They are a gritty hard working team, this was never going to be a fluent game.”

“I watched them against Wolves, they were shite. They were lucky last season, this season they will be found out. They work hard but they have no class. Not one of their players would get into our team.”

“No team loses to opponents in salmon pink, as I posted at 17:59. “

“bring on the salt from Sheffield fans!”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Aston Villa”
  1. I am amazed at some of the comments. It was a very harsh red card and I also think that the penalty was a definite one given he brought him down, looking or not. I wouldn’t be able to watch Villa week in week out with the diving that is being encouraged. I couldn’t help but laugh when Grealish and his mates legs kept collapsing every time someone grabbed their arms. There is obviously a spring mechanism that runs through their body, bit like a puppet and it’s why Grealish won’t be an England regular when everyone is fully fit. Villa fans are hoping we are going to be as bad as them last season but truth be told, one win and we are only 3 points behind the leaders. We will sort ourselves out because we have Wilder, Villa are in trouble as after spending again don’t look that much better than last season and Smith looks clueless.

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