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“Champions of Yorkshire!!!”

“we look like we’re a Premier League team, we play like a Premier League team and we believe we’re a Premier League team.
We’re winning the matches we should be winning so far and we have the comfort of knowing the even if we lose against the teams we expect to lose again, we pick up and go again the next time.”

“A very good performance over the ninety minutes, we definitely deserved all three points.”

“We were clearly the better side today.”

“that was a battle, but the better team won in the end.”

“Overall we deserved the win which gives us a nice confidence boost”

“Fairly even i thought, could have gone either way.
We played the better football largely imo although Blades had there moments.”

“Great performance today. Sheffield Utd were no pushovers, and had some lively passing movements. Good to see McBurnie and Sharp get nothing from the game. I’m another who fears past players playing against us. “

“The victory was deserved, but both goalkeepers did an awesome job. Luckily for us, Meslier did even better.
Very important 3 points, Sheffield Utd is a very organized side. Leeds never stopped trying and we finally got it.”

“It was always going to tight today. Blunts well organised and don’t score much. I said last week I’d be very happy with a boring 1-0, although it wasn’t a boring game”.

“They’re still very dangerous, I think their luck will pick up soon.”

“Great win, they set up to cancel us out I’m well chuffed with the three points and clean sheet.”

“Good solid performance away from home, and an excellent 3 points against well-drilled opposition.”

“I thought the referee was very good. He was fair and didn’t buy a lot of the falling over (from both teams). It was funny to see some players fall over and get really annoyed when he didn’t give them the free kicks that they normally get.
If we can continue to beat the lower level teams and pick up some points against the top teams I think we’ll be OK.
What a great start to this season.”

“These matches are easy but the statistic that sums it up for me is the fact the Blunts conceded 18 fouls against our 4. Tells me they were the ones struggling to compete with us and the win was deserved.”

“This was a great win on many fronts, away from home, derby game, up against a very physical team and a game that they were convinced they would win – hence the bitterness from Wilder after the game.”

“Gobby Wilder will be silent tonight, excellent.”

“Wilder thinks the Blunts should have won….also that his player was fouled in the lead up to our goal”

“What a deluded twat Wilder is, in his interview I thought he was going to throw up when saying we were a descent side, he fkg hates us and me him and his team of has beens, hope they get relegated along with that arrogant twat Sharp.”

“Yep. Decent manager. Worked wonders with the club but a right ct. We had more possession, more shots, more shots on target, more corners and most importantly more goals. In his interview he says that it says it all that our keeper was MOM and that if Marcelo walks in front of him he will tackle him. Just came across as a ct as usual. “

” let`s all laugh at Wilder”

“He is just a idiot as the rest of the blades fans.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Leeds”
  1. Fair game I though. Leeds are a decent side and will do well this season but that being said, we held our own considering the players we had out. Egan and O’Connell would have dealt with the balls slung into the box. Our lack of a decent striker was so apparent again today and the quicker that is sorted out the better. Sick of seeing players fall to the ground when they get in a bit of a situation, it’s embarrassing. It was a foul on Berge in fact 2 fouls before they took the ball, as confirmed on tv and decisions like that are par for the course when things aren’t going for you, but I’m convinced we will pick up soon. Will be interesting in the return game if we are at full strength. Onwards and upwards, in Wilder we trust.

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