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“Ugly day. Ugly victory. Could easily see recent Arsenal vintages snatching a draw or a loss from that game.”

“Ugly, boring, uninspiring football”

“3 points. Meh performance. “

“Thankk f*** for that.
really poor performance.”

“Unconvincing again.
But a win is a win. “

“I feel we were far more convincing today than we were against West Ham. That one was really fortunate. “

“We won, we put them in their place and the goal slightly skewed it (good goal but did Leno dive a bit late?). When we use our skills we beat less skillful teams, kinda elementary.”

” It was tough as Sheffield Utd were really disciplined but I liked how we kept the ball moving side to side stretching play, staying patient and waiting for an opening.!”

“Not lucky but very clinical with chances we got. Today total 6 shots! 5 on target.
Win today is great but don’t let fool you that we desperately need creativity in side and Arteta need to tell his team to be more adventurous”

“There was nothing lucky about this win. We deserved it. Scored two great goals. Sheffield didn’t create a single decent chance apart from a long range goal from outside the box”

“they deserved nothing from this game “

“Sheffield was winning all of the crosses with a flat 5 at the back.”

“Sheffield didn’t create anything besides the goal at the end. Very comfortable, albeit quite a boring game.”

“Well deserved win. They didnt create anything to talk about except the goal”

“I don’t care too much that we have won. We ain’t doing shit this season. Bar a 10 minute spell we were total shit. Sheffield united went for it and almost got a draw in the end despite them being ordinary themselves.”

“Happy for the team, but this ain’t good enough.”

“We had no control last 10 min when they decided to press our midfield.”

“We drew this game last season, of course Sheffield have started the season poorly but still a tough opponent so it was an important win.”

“Sheffield is a tough side to break down despite them being 17th. Theyve been losing games by a goal mostly. Against Leeds it was very late, about the 88th minute.”

“Really annoying how the pundits are rubbing one out over brewster like he is messi. I swear souness was touching himself when he was blowing smoke.”

“McGoldrick should have been sent off twice before he scored, **** “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Arsenal”
  1. Utd were toothless upfront a draw would have been a fairer result . How David Luis stayed on the pitch is beyond me , Egan got red card for less than that … but that just goes to show double standards in prem we’re not a London or top six club ref was crap & biased

  2. All the talent in the team and Arsenal were crap .David Luiz should have been sent off,double standards.We are not up to standard but we are poor old Sheffield United as everybody keeps saying.Watch your backs big boys⚔⚔⚔⚔.

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