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“A nice solid win.
I’m loving the back-to-back 1-0 wins against teams near the bottom that we’re expected to beat.
So very unlike West Ham.”

“We deserved to win. It was a professional performance, but our crossing, passing and decision making was poor”

“Good professional performance. we’d have lost a game like that in Yesteryear”

“We were much better than against Fulham. For me we were the definitive ‘better side’.”

“we looked pretty comfortable for most of the game in all honesty.”

“Sometimes in the past I’ve seen us lose to a good side by a goal or two. We may have hit the post or even equalised but you felt the other team were only playing in second gear.
That was us today. The team that could have gone up a gear if needed. That Moyes isn’t doing bad is he?”

“1-0 seriously flatters Sheffield United”

“we had control except for when McBurnie smashed it against the bar.”

“Sheff Utd got in alot of blocks and defended with lots of intensity throughout.”

“Sheff Utd worked extraordinarily hard the whole game and will get a result soon imho”

“Should of easily beat Sheffield Utd but somehow we made it tough”

“We looked in a different league to sheff utd who are dog shit”

“Sheffield United look lost. 2nd season syndrome massively”

“Easy to see where Sheffield United are struggling, they don’t release it quick enough, you’ve got numbers in the box, put the ball in quickly, surprise the opposition”

“Poor old Chris wilder. Invents the overlapping center back which half the league are now copying (including us) and then gets relegated. Good.”

“The fact that the latest comes against my pet hate team makes it still better. Nosedive karma for the Rams, err, Blunts!”

“pay back for sheff United”

“Do any of our players have a questionable contract clause that directly or indirectly, impacted on that defeat for Sheffield today? Asking for a northern friend.”

By Roy

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