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“Although I’m obviously happy to win, I fear this is nothing more than papering over the cracks. “

“Well that papers over plenty of cracks.We were ****ing dire”

“papers over the cracks. Were gonna struggle to do much this season if Rodgers doesnt pull his head out of his arse”

“Cant even celebrate that because the three points just hides the fact that we’ve been crap for a month, were crap today, and will be crap in the immediate future if Rodgers doesn’t change his mindset to games.”

“Thank ****. That win feels so ****ing jammy, no idea how we made it so difficult . Rodgers is so lucky”

“Hate to be that guy but Rodgers got that horribly wrong. “

“Still worrying how Brendan is oblivious to anything other than his own ego”

“Fluking a win doesn’t excuse the performance(s) of late.”

“Happy to be top four.Mind numbing, otherwise.”

“Can’t believe that tbh. Didn’t deserve it, played crap for most of the game. But a wins a win I suppose. “

“Great result but not deserved”.

“Not many positives to take from that other than 3 points but at the end of the day they’re all that matters!”

“It’s sheff though…should have been an easy 3 points but will take it.”

“A very welcome win, but we should really have torn them apart”.

“On the first half we merited a lead. The second we didn’t. If they’d gone down to ten as they should then maybe it would’ve been different.”

“Weird one. Had enough close chances, especially hitting the post twice, that calling it shithouse or a smach and grab seems harsh.
But at the same time, thoroughly lucky. Poor for large, large parts of the game and some baffling decision making all round. “

“I thought we were decent.”

“Bloody brilliant and a well deserved win! “

“Totally dominant all game. Thoroughly deserved.”

“Football’s a game of confidence. I’m not having that as us being jammy. Sheff U score from their only shot on target.
If anything they were fortunate, we hit the post twice, their goalkeeper twice got away with howlers and they should have been down to ten men”

“Fully deserved the win, they were absolute crap and pretty much other than the goal Sheff Utd did absolutely nothing”

“Lol at people saying we didn’t deserve it, we’re lucky etc.
They played for the point and got nothing”

“As if people are angry about us scoring a winner hahahahhahahhahaha “

By Roy

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