“Just got back. Thought we controlled the game from start to finish and fully deserved to win by more than 1 goal.*

  • this match report is brought to you by a UK Government minister”

“The Blades were excellent but the goal killed them off.”

“Sheff u looked good, but we were so determined not to be beaten with last ditch tackles etc.”

“I’d be pretty pissed off though if I was a Blades fan. How on Earth did we win that? No wonder they’re scratching their heads and asking how the hell we’re in sixth place – based on today’s overall performance. It’s a funny old game.”

“Tremendous win. SU will be up the at the end of the season so this is massive. “

“Today we beat one of the best teams in the Championship. SU had excellent movement causing endless problems but we still prevailed.”

“they had more possesion and more shots, but and you could say that they were very unlucky but . . . . . all but one of their on target shots were tame and when they got past, round or through our defensive shape there was always a pool player there to pressure them. We had two good chances in the frist half their keeper had to make three very good saves during the afternoon, it certainly wasnt as one sided as some might suggest.”

“The goalkeeper & the entire defence were so good , ok rode our luck a touch , but they didn’t have that many clear cut chances .”

“We shouldn’t underestimate how well they played for about an hour, as reflected in the more insightful contributions on their forum. Our luck and resilience over this period created a context in which the subs could be made, frustration set in and control taken away from them. I genuinely think we were the better team for the last 20-30 mins, and could have scored another.”

“Yeah, that’s football for you isn’t it? There’s been countless times it’s not gone for us, but today it did…not by fluke or bad refereeing by the way, but by bloody hard work and sheer determination.
We deserved everything we got today”

“Sheff U got into a lot of promising positions but didn’t create enough clear cut chances from those positions. If Grimshaw had made 4 or 5 world class saves….but he didn’t have to.”

“They had numerous chances down the right, always put a player in at the bye line, and the defence dealt with the near post ball. They wanted to walk the ball into the net.
We had one chance down the right, our player cut in and scored a beauty.
if you don’t shoot, you can’t score…”.

“I’m not sure they had that many clear chances, and when they did, they missed the target or powderpuffed it to Grimshaw.
We had two good chances and buried one.”

“Critch said the long kick for the goal was something they talked about before the game as they push up quickly.”

“I do think the only thing missing from the Blackpool result was a mask”

“Ronnie Biggs, the Brinks Mat Boys, Raffles the Gentleman Thief, Dick Turpin…can you hear me, can you hear me…that’s the biggest robbery in British History, your boys took one HELLLL of a beating”

“Lord Michael Palin, Sir Sean Bean, for some reason Flea from RHCP, Lady Jessica Ennis, that bloke with one arm in Def Leppard….your boys gave us one hell of a beating…but we won anyway.
Oh and ‘The Lane’, it’s Sheffield United not the Maracana.
Also ‘raise our game?’ It was nowhere near how well we can play.
Just another billy big bollocks average club beaten as far as we’re concerned.”

“I listened to praise or grumble as I left Sheffield yesterday, you’d have thought Wednesday had got hammered and united were going down
The Sheffield fans think they are so entitled to win every game, they need to take a look at themselves and why they never fully realise their potential
I thought united were clearly a team in transition, a good team who will click under the new management if given time and support. Lots of positives but they need to accept where they’re at!”

“To me many of these so called ‘big’ clubs are quite similar in terms of how their fans seem to behave.
Walking up to the ground yesterday was a pretty awesome sight I thought. A real traditional looking ground with fans swarming around and then you step inside…
The stands pretty full (much like forest)… They have their opening ‘introductory’ sing along (Mull of Kintyre at Forest, Annie’s Song yesterday) and then it’s mainly “oooooooh” “aaaaargh” “ohhhhhhh” from the home support and little more.
It’s kind of flat and spectator-like and it all feels a bit like the fans (much like the players) are just kind of going through the motions.
Their side wasn’t terrible yesterday, they got in behind us, moved well and created chances. They simply couldn’t finish their chances … Of course we should take some credit defensively, but you do wonder at times whether these big, expectant and often fairly unforgiving crowds have a negative impact on the players and sap their confidence…
I think too many clubs seem to think that having large home attendances should come with an automatic right to success and yet the nature of their crowd along with the expectancy within the club is actually playing a big part in their lack of success.”

“I saw United are away at Forest next, a similar set of fans who think they are entitled”

“A word for The Blades fans. The ones I met both before and particularly after the match were unanimous in their praise of our team and our fans. I have never felt safer at an away game than I was at yesterday’s match.
Thanks also to the staff and customers in the Rutland Arms, a real beer drinkers pub, who were most welcoming before and after the game. One guy I was talking to jokingly asked me to stop smiling, I couldn’t and still haven’t”

“My Grandad is a blades fan and I’ve met a few over the years and I have to say I can’t say a bad word about any of them! Respect”

“Went to the Sheaf Island on the Eccy Road before the game and home and away fans mixing with no problems at sll. As it should be…”

“Agreed, very friendly fans and nice city.”

“After the game we walked right round the ground back to our car through all the Sheffield fans with our colours on and Iv never felt safer at an away ground,not a single word said to us .Great away day and the Rutland arms was excellent”


By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Blackpool”
  1. Best away fans we’ve had in a long while , I sat near you lot and you never stopped singing , did my head in by the end but great spirit

  2. Best fans since Newcastle. I sit at the back of the kop and don’t always hear away fans but we did yesterday and for 90 minutes.
    Perfect away performance good luck this season

  3. Enjoyable game. Away fans gave their boys great support. Loved Gary’s lap. Once a Blade Always a Blade. Think we deserved a draw but can’t complain.

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