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“City’s mini revival – and by revival I mean we won one football match – collapsed cheaply in the snow at Sheffield as the Blades under new management but with the same record as us, found it breathtakingly easy to carve open and outplay us for a comfortable 2-0 win that could really have been much more. Sheffield United were all over City right from the start, finding it far too easy to move into space behind the visitors midfield and drive crosses into the box, from which Egan and Basham went close. The away side didn’t lay a glove on their hosts”

“Absolute shambles
No positives for me whatsoever.
21 shots on our goal.
Pathetic In possession
Constantly Losing our runners
Long throw didn’t even work
3 stupid bookings
No threat on the counter attack. Wells WTF
Boring Route 1 football
Midfield 3 was terrible”

“Yep, Sheffield Utd are a quality team, and I would expect them to kick on from here.
City on the other hand look relegation bound, they just aren’t good enough on every level, from the very top.
Very demoralising”

“Two teams with similar championship records this season. But miles apart footballing wise.”

“We all know Sheffield United will be up there with this squad eventually.”

“No shame in losing away to Sheffield United, but a lot of shame in failing to compete with a team in the same division as us.”

“1. Our lads not as streetwise as Sheffield Utd.

  1. Referee knew who not to book twice.”

“Not that we deserved anything, but if the ref applies the rules consistently then Sheff Utd finish that with 9 men. “

“Only performance worse than was the refs absolute disgrace”

“Bogle should have been sent off twice”

“Surely those conditions are unplayable and the game needs to be abandoned.”

“The amount of money wasted on the likes of Palmer and Wells in particular is a disgrace. For a player to not be aware when he broke forward is bad. Once can be a bad mistake, but he’s done this before and I think its pretty inexcusable. I’ll give him that service isnt great, hes shown the odd good finish, but compare him to the likes of Sharp, McGoldrick. They’re more aware, streetwise etc. We’ve got too many players that look technically good in training videos but come a match they look lost, lacking basic skills to read a situation. “

“Mcgoldrick and Sharpe are almost 70 between them, and they make us look slow.”

“McGoldrick was quality today. They’ve fielded players of a much higher calibre than ours.”

“The lightning quick youngster.. David McGoldrick leaving Massengo for dead twice in the build up to their second goal.”

“I think Sheff have just been too good for Massengo. He’s closing them down but they are good enough to just pass it away before he can tackle or harry them”

“McGoldrick is what 34? And he absolutely dominated this game.”

“Compare his running and skilful touches to Martin’s meagre contribution. “

“Billy Sharp always scores. I told you so! “

“Billy Sharp of course – the type of player we need and everything Martin and Wells aren’t. “

“I fxxxing hate that **** Sharp with a passion “

“Always wished we’d signed Billy Sharp class player and has always scored everywhere he’s been.”

“Got outplayed. It happens “

“We get outplayed every game though”

” Bramall Lane has never been our most successful place to go. I think people are generally fed up with the performance and game management that accompany it…. “

“Yes we were very poor today but the current injuries don’t help nore did the Ref who was shocking and the weather also didnt help after the stoppage for Bakes “

“Not sure why Sheff Utd even bothered celebrating – easiest three points they’ve had for about three years. “

“Sheff U rolled over us today and they were poor themselves”.

“Huge worry when we are getting outclassed by them. “

“we are not realistically in a position to expect to win at Sheff U. It wasn’t a good performance obviously but the overreaction on this forum after every defeat is ludicrous and frankly embarrassing.”

“losing today away at Sheff U isn’t going to define our season and whether we stay up or not”

“Came up yesterday. Went to see Sheff Wed v Wycombe. Their best players are Jack Hunt (!) and Bannon. There is a big difference between Championship and League 1
Effort WAS there but Sheff United are better. Of course, our midfield is weak “

By Roy

One thought on “View From Bristol City”
  1. Love a Bristol City game, love a rovers game too, as for City the fans who travelled, they deserve better than that , piss poor performance from their team today.

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