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“I think those who said this squad was easily good enough to challenge for automatic promotion, need to think again. On tonight’s evidence they are no better than Sheff Utd.”

“Only one team had a realistic chance of winning after Livermore’s red. And in truth, the hosts could have easily won by a greater margin.”

“there goal keeper never made a save “

“Just a carbon copy of the other 29 games these chancers have served up this season. Looked the better team without doing anything, miss an absolute sitter then have a rash moment of stupidity which costs us. This is the most unlikeable team I’ve supported since going, I’ll discipline, just generally rubbish, not much skill, none of them do anything particularly well.”

“No enjoyment at all watching this squad, no flair, some awful players, a brainless captain and a shambles off the pitch too. Happy Wednesday.”

“5 away games without scoring a goal. When at this level did we last do that? This is painful at the moment, the club is paying the price for bad decisions after bad decisions”

“Defence were poor tonight, it could have been 6 had it not been for the linesman and Sam Johnstone who it seems will be putting a shift in during his last few months with the club. Andy Carroll is a good defender. That’s about it though. Like Carroll, Adam Reach worked hard, but he is such a beige footballer, has no end product, he just exists.”

“Not actually sure what reach offers. He hasnt been great at left wing back his crossing was poor. Havent seen this wonder goals he got for Sheffield Wednesday. He doesnt attack or defend well. Not sure his best position. Regardless having him in midfield isnt answer”

“Can’t really judge much after the red card. Before that, despite the goal, I thought we looked loads brighter. Moved the ball well, was patient with our build up, passed it a lot quicker, got midfielders forward and into their box.
Goal was massively against the run of play. Townsend has to do better than totally commit and end up running past the ball by about 6 yards. He just sort of panicked rather than standing up the attacker. Even then it was a lucky deflection.
Still feel the sending off was harsh but Livermore gave the ref a decision to make and the ref stunk all night. When you can see you’re not getting any 50-50’s in your favour you need to not go into challenges like that. That was game over at that point – up until then the midfield had looked good.”

“I thought up until the sending off we had a chance of getting something out of the game. Sheffield had one shot and a save by Johnstone. I didn’t think Sheffield were any great shakes tbh.
However I thought the only two players to come out with any credit were Johnstone and Carroll who seemed up for the fight. Back 4 were really poor for me, midfield no mobility or support for the forwards. Diangana should have scored, however Sheffield could have scored 2 more in the second half if it wasn’t for Johnstone.”

“If Diang took his chance then it put us back in the game. I thought we did well with 10 men had a few shots but nothing dropped for us.better than it has been.”

“Up until red card there was a marked improvement on recent games. We pressed well like early in season although we didnt really create anything of note.”

“Sheffield were second best for me. They scored against the run of play and up to that point we were well on top.”

“Can’t blame Bruce, we created more shots than Sheffield United, and with 11 men we could’ve got something.”

“Sheff Utd were crap”

“Sharp scored 2. I must be stuck in a time warp, what year is this.”

“Billy Sharp showed what we have been missing all season which is a clinical finisher!”

“What we’d do for a Billy Sharp right now.”

“You know what’s bad I’ve always liked Billy Sharp”

“Diangana and Grant each had a chance they should have converted but yes, they need to look at themselves – and Sharp.”

“ref was absolutely awful, giving everything to Sheff Utd and nothing to us “

“Red card ruined the game”

“Sheffield United 2-0 Livermore “

“is the Livermore challenge worse than the one on Diangana? real time here and on a replay I’ve seen doesn’t look like ref needed to send him.”

“I’ll pay Livermore’s taxi from the Black Country myself. I am sick of this guy. Take the armband off him and never play him again”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From West Brom”
  1. Fooking ‘ell. Looking at some of the West’s comment, did I go to the same game? Just to let you know how disrespectful is to call us “Sheffield” I’ll call you lot West, and that’s just about where your promotion hopes have gone. Having been to the tiny West’s ground this year, where we In fact got mauled, I’ve got to say it’s pretty sad the way West’s season has gone. From looking a really dangerous outfit then you were an absolute dirty shambles tonight and you need to be very careful because league one beckons for you season after next. On a more positive note I hope that the M42 affords you the same kindness that we were afforded after leaving your Shit hole earlier on in the season, travelling a 1/3rd of a mile in 1 and 1/2 hours. Let’s hope your season keeps of going in the downward spiral your on. Lots of love Sheffield

  2. Sounds like sour grapes to me the Blades put a shift in and we defended well. All Andy Carroll did was to try and get a free kick every time.( premier league tactics) and it doesn’t work in this league. Billy’s header wasn’t offside as all the Sky team said so don’t blame the ref. It was a good win.

  3. What a bitter load of chavs they are, poor support from them and Half of them had left the ground with still 17 minutes to play.

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