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“For a 0-0 I thought it was a very good game. There wasn’t loads of shots/saves, but both sides played some good stuff and enjoyed periods of ascendency.
Our goalie was made to work more than there’s, but we had a goal disallowed, penalties denied and Koroma really should have done better with his chance. We also messed up our final ball a few times in good positions.
I thought we edged the game, but it was a good, hard-fought derby and we put in a good performance all over the park.”

“I thought that was a great game.
Top end Championship quality against a very good Sheffield United team, which we should have won but for inept officials.”

“The quality of football especially from Town was for one of the few times this season worthy of our lofty position and on the majority of days given more fair and capable officials we would be taking 3 points off everyone in this league”

“Excellent performance.
Good point, in hindsight – I’d have taken it before the game – but we deserved so much more.
The referee was beyond awful. Three probable penalties, not given. That disallowed goal…wow.
Baldock is an absolute shithouse. Fast becoming my most disliked player from a Sheffield-based team…..but Forestieri’s place in my shit list is safe, for now.
Sheff Utd looked like nicking a massively undeserved three points when Toffolo came on, and Sinani for Ruffels wasn’t the massively defensive change he gets slated for on here.”

“Great performance, more than matched Sheffield Utd”

“They’ve won 8 out of their last 10 and beat Fulham away. We largely nullified them, and but for dodgy refereeing would have won.”

“Absolutely delighted with the level of performance today against a very good side.”

“as good as we’ve played all season”

“It was a very good game hard thought and a fair result but you will never satisfy some of the moaners on here but best to ignore them”

“The performance today has really changed my impression of us. Composed, well-coached, we made a very decent side look very ordinary. Certainly the best performance I’ve seen from us this season and the first time I’ve felt that we belong in the upper part of the table.”

“All in all, a good performance which deserved more”

“Played well today. Deserved a win.”

” A good performance in atrocious conditions. We were the better team for most of the game against the form team in the league who have quality players.”

“We’ve had our share of luck before today. Not unhappy with the display or the result.”

“We played well, decisions went against us, but we cant complain after the luck we’ve had recently”

” i thought 0-0 was a fair result in a closely contested game, although our goal should have stood after ward was pulled to the ground by Baldock.
Not a great game but who cares, who really wants to lose exiting matches.”

“We didn’t lose but they had more attempts on goal and that’s disappointing, again..”

We had more attempts on goal than they did. 12-9
They had more on target than we did. 3-6
We had more corners than they did 9-2
Possession 50-50
Hardly the stats to show that Town were defensive minded.”

“Our efforts on goal, the Russell goal aside, we’re not worth recording if I’m honest.
Our keeper made 2 really good saves and they missed a sitter in a melee..
Forget the numbers in the stats look at the quality of those stats. “

“Enjoyable hard fought competitive game
Game ebbed and flowed, they had the better chances and better team second half “

“Another point gained and, whilst Sheff Utd were made to look average, we are very boring to watch.”

“Very difficult to watch us. “

“We are so dull to watch.”

“The Sheffield United keeper was not extended once.”

“I’m amazed people thought we played well, it was better than Wednesday but overall it was a poor performance, Sheffield United were no better. Did their keeper have a save to make? We’re a solid unit but we seem obsessed with retaining possession, sideways and backwards, it’s not good. The disallowed goal,its either a penalty or a goal,certainly not a foul on the keeper.”

“Sheffield were crap and have no idea how they’ve won 4 in a row. Not worried about them on that showing but you never know how they are against other teams.”

“Town stood up well against the Blades’ physical challenge/attempts to dominate/bully.”

“One word sums up the game today “ROBBED” perfectly good goal and a blatant penalty, them two points could cost us big time at the end of the season. Can anyone tell me where the football league get these clowns from who are suppose to be officials.”

“There’s only 2 decisions to be made there, you either give a pen or the goal. The decision to give a foul on the keeper, is the total wrong one.”

“3 clear penalties “

“For our goal its either a penalty or a goal.
As for the ref – Billy Sharp had him in his pocket. He should have been b00ked in the first 10/15 mins for a number of fouls and after that he pretty much told the ref what decisions to give”

“Is it illegal to book Billy Sharp ? He must’ve committed more fouls than anyone else today”

“And as for being 10 yards away at a free kick. Don’t think he ever retreated more than 5 yards, and the ref never said a word to him.”

“Wasn’t Billy Sharp today’s ref? Certainly looked like that from where I was sat.”

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