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“Beating two of the relegated teams 4-1 at home, isn’t bad”

“Am I exaggerating when I say it could have been 8 or 9 ? We’ve a great chance midweek to close the gap before a daunting run In”

““4-1 flattered them” would be a massive understatement.”

“We reslly should have scored 8 today….yes really!”

“Put it this way, match report isn’t necessary when Wes Foderingham is by far and away their MOTM”

“They were terrified of our attacking and we dominated that game so much we could’ve got double that.”

“O’Hare and gyokeres scared the bejesus out of Utd’s back line.”

“Sheff Utd had only conceeded 4 goals in their last 12 games and then we came along!!!”

” fair play to Sheff U…. I expected CoH and others to be kicked/muscled off the park. I was wrong”

.”One of the few teams we’ve played recently that haven’t kicked COH to bits. It seems they should of, but it was refreshing that they didn’t.”

“To be fair they couldnt get near him”

“They looked tidy once it went to 4-1 but their best player is a loanee anyway”

“A Sheffield United fan on their forum has actually just said ” imagine the score if we played a good side today ” 😂😂😂 they really don’t like us”

“Feelings mutual bunch of northern cloggers.”

“To any blades lurking .. we’ve shit all over you , enjoy your trip home”

“Worst 4k down here for a while too , quiet as fook”

“Faces on them outside after was comedy. Not happy with being told it was their big day out”

“I would say the fan base of Sheffield United & Cov. Are similar up when doing well, down when when not. Sheffield Wednesday is bigger than both.”

“Sean bean
Neil warnock
Marcelo and houldsworth that scored against us in the 98 quarter final
Anna Walker
Jessica Ennis hill
The shithouse fans that cheered for sisu that bloke from The chase
you’re boys took a hell of a beating”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Coventry”
  1. Your fan base is nothing like our fan base , you could only dream of getting our attendances win or lose , and also the pigs in Sheffield 6 have been irrelevant for years now , you obviously don’t know much about football , just a bad day at the office today

    1. 20,800 at home and 3800 were united fans dont make me laugh no where near our capacitys dream on little club😅😅😅

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