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“I reckon Sheff Utd will pinch top 2”

“Reckon they’re going to end up finishing second.”

“Sheff Utd finally reflecting their obscene parachute payment advantage.”

“Loss thanks to clinical Sheffield United goals and Coventry missing easier chances.”

“Was so exciting going up the Ricoh at the start of the season with decent crowds, guaranteed good atmosphere and top 6 hopes. Feels like that has all gone. Not even remotely excited for Saturday.”

“Think they were still in shock at how ‘average’ they’d been in this division. That Sander Berge seems to have lifted them, together with Morgan Gibbs White. Billy Sharp is a dirty little sod, but fair play to him in that he has eked out a decent career over the years.
Edit: just remembered these gave a real display of shithousery v Blackburn the other week when i watched them. Something to look forward to !!”

“Whatever the result at the end of the match Mark Robins must ask Heckingbottom if our players in the close season can enrol on their masterful course on streetwise football and shithousery run by Professor Sharp. We could learn an awful lot from it.
We are not interested in their style of football even though they have stayed true to it and it has served them well. However route 1 aerial tennis with a football and taekwondo without it is not what Coventry fans are used to seeing even in our darkest of days. We are particularly interested in their specialist module entitled how to get results when outclassed. Following our that will teach them sequence of results against Preston, Swansea and Luton, teams we owed a good old fashioned hammering we should also register on Sheffield Utd’s payback course featuring their demolition of former boss Chis Wilder’s high flying Middlesbrough team.
Sheffield Utd in my opinion are masters of playing referees. They seem to have this aura whereby their clogging is regarded as hard man football and part of the game by referees and when the opposition try to match fire with fire it is foul play and they suffer a sending off or a penalty. There was a time when B Sharp ( pen) on the score sheet against us on our annual visits to Bramall Lane was as traditional as Halloween.
If you combined their footballing know how and ability to get results; they are as tenacious and resilient as hell, with our invention and style of football you would have a wonderful combination destined for the Premier League and staying there without the need to worry about the play offs.
Irrespective of our predicament we raise our game against Sheffield Utd. We always have done. I fancy everything coming together for us and a win”

“Everyone overrating Sheffield Utd, bunch of cloggers. We’ll get something from that. “

“Expecting COH to be stretchered off after being kicked to death by these dirty bastards.”

“If the refs don’t clamp down on Sheff Utd, we may not have 11 experienced players fit for the next match after”

“Playing a team at the wrong time again with their form, our dip in form and our injuries. Said it before, the refs need to get a grip on the thuggery, blatant timewasting and haranguing of refs about anything by the usual suspects. We certainly hold the moral high ground in that respect, but it doesn’t seem to do us much good. We could beat Sheff Utd on Saturday but need some luck and better concentration at the back.”

“The big physical teams are the ones we struggle most against – Millwall, Preston, West Brom e.g”

“Lazy nonsense, can’t have watched them recently. Their fourth goal on Tuesday was brilliant”

“Tough game can’t see anything more than a drubbing and getting annoyed at there 4500 fans singing. They are flying our form is shit. Great to be wrong”

“Looking forward to the Greasy Chip Butty song.”

“Can’t stand it, I’ve always thought they come across as really small-time despite them being a relatively big, well supported club.
That said, any of their fans I’ve met personally have been sound as Sheffield people usually are in my experience.”

“Can’t stand them as a club but their fans are pretty sound.”

“Spent a few hours in a pub there pre-match one year and they were nice as you like.”

“If it’s anything like the last 4/5 times we’ve played them home and away, they’ll sing that and sit in silence.
I think most will agree the quietest home fans we’ve heard/seen this season were Sheffield United for that lunchtime game.”

“I don’t like their fans or Billy Sharp.”

“I seen a great stat in When Saturday Comes magazine the other day. Billy Sharp has scored in every match day minute, 1 to 90 except the 5th minute”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Coventry”
  1. Unbelievable comments. We aren’t a dirty side! You seen our long term injury list! We cop for a lot more than we dish out. As for long ball ffs! You’re watching a different team,we play football,how many goals have Coventry scored this season after 20 plus passes? We’ve scored plenty! Unfortunately it’s a little late for us to catch second I feel,there’s no doubt if we’d started even ok we’d be breathing down Fulham’s neck. In Berge,Norwood,Gibbs-White,Fleck and Houriane alone,there’s 5 of the most creative players in this division. Missing McGoldrick,Brewster,Baldock,Bogle and Basham,anyone of who would walk into Coventrys side

  2. We’ve got one of the smallest forward lines around. How do Cov think we can play hoof ball to our diminutive striker. We play football with some great ballers in the team. It’s funny how many people think we are hard men. I think this harks back to Bassett Warnock times. Just stereotyping the Blades using out of date info. Laughable really.

  3. Never heard so much twaddle .used to like Coventry a decent team but .lost all respect for Coventry fans ..

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