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“Good point. Especially the form they are on at home.”

“Good point…..but that’s thanks to Travers, the Penalty call and a bad miss at the end”

“We got lucky with that point. Refereeing has been awful all season and that was a stonewall penalty”

“we definitely deserved to lose. They had all the chances and were denied a blatant penalty.”

“Mission accomplished. We rode our luck and took the point.”

“Lucky to come away with a point thanks again, in no small measure, to Mark Travers. They wasted guilt edged chances the best again coming straight down the middle over the top of the defence. Gibbs-White should’ve scored. Credit to the ref who wasn’t really swayed by the loud biased crowd and the constantly whinging UTD players but he did us a massive favour regarding the penalty which probably should have been given.”

“We only drew because the ref missed a clear pen and they missed an open goal at the end! “

“We drew because they scored the same amount of goals as us. That’s how it works”

“Parker has to be the luckiest manager in the history of the universe!
He takes over a team costing many millions; he stumbled across our talented younger players due to injuries to more establshed players at the start of the season; he would have made Woodman our number one keeper at the start of the season if it wasn’t for injuries to Newcastle goalkeepers; and the opposition bizarrely missed a succession of open goals in the first half of the season when our talented multi-million team defended the six yard box when defending a result!
Today he has benefitted from two fantastic saves from Travers, a ref who has missed an obvious penalty and an open goal miss from one of their players at the end!
What are your lottery numbers Mr Parker? Lol!”

“F**k off Parker. We in no way deserved anything at all from that game. “

“What are you on about? He’s clearly doing a great job. We’ve played well around 8 times this season don’t you know. What more do you expect?”

“A competitive match with nothing between the two sides. It could have gone either way. The managers should have earned their corn out there since that was a game that could have been won with a clever tactical tweak. Or a a moment of brilliance from an individual.”

“Try and put things into perspective re visiing Bramall Lane since January.
Starting with the latest results working back.
Blades 0-0 AFCB
Blades 1-0 QPR
Blades 2-0 Barnsley
Blades 4-1 Middlesbrough
Blades 1-1 Forest
Blades 1-0 B Rovers
Blades 4-1 Swans
Blades 0-0 Hull C
Blades 2-0 WBA
Blades 2-0 Luton
Only 3 clubs have come away with a point.”

“they are a good side, just down from the premiership and with what looks like a very good young manager.
Since Heckinbottom took over they have gained more points than any other team in the division.
they are on a good run.
They are in a very close fight for the playoffs.
They have had a day’s extra rest than us
They were at home
We came away with a hard-fought point.”

“I thought it was a good performance against one of the toughest teams we’ve played this season.”

“I didn’t see a lot wrong with the performance. We know Sheff Utd’s form at home”

“What a negative viewpoint on things if you think drawing to Sheff Utd is a bad result. We more than matched them.”

“Draw a fair result”

“Not impressed with Sheff Utd at all. The team just seemed to be intent on kicking and pushing our players at every opportunity, encouraged by a baying mob of Yorkshire half-wits. Nice to see we have players prepared to stand up to that type of intimidation…unfortunately we were so busy battling on the pitch we forgot to play some actual football.
The Sheff No9, I think McBurnie? What an absolute feckin drama queen. Spent the entire game elbowing our players and gobbing off to anyone prepared to listen. Then nearly reduced to tears when they didn’t get the penalty at the end…chin up you moaning little cnut”

“Ollie Macburnnie, he’s like the offspring if Andy Carroll was put out to stud with Susan Boyle : )
( No offence intended to Susan Boyle, her family, friends or fans )”

“McBurnie needs to change his name to McCheatie”

“Mcburnie is such a prick… is it possible for a striker not to score for 29 games?”

“I thought( and should have already mentioned ) our fans were very good today, could hear something throughout the whole match. : )
The Good Lady observed that SU had Annie’s song ( 15 seconds? each half ), United, United when they had a corner, booing and shouting at the match officials, lots of gaps in between but no player specific songs or chants : )”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Bournemouth”
  1. One or two accurate comments but let’s be honest the ref was totally against us had a clear sight of th obvious penalty your players fell at every opportunity getting us yellow cards for nothing as for the fans he must be hard of hearing. You have a very good team and I hope you get up but stop with the street talk about our fans

  2. They came intent on a draw. Time wasting from the kick off. Petulantly kicking the ball
    away every free kick and throwing themselves to the ground at every bit of contact. Not seen another team this season that has whinged to the ref as much. That being said, we had chances to win the game and didn’t take them.

  3. Small club bank rolled trash talk is your style you were second best today own it . Hope forest catch you and we get you in the playoffs as I’m confident sufc will win. With a decent set of officials you would have lost comfortably today

  4. 9585 average home attendance
    , lowest in the division, its promotion or bust for them morons this season.

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